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In “Luzhniki” on the basis of a memorial to many generations of Muscovites pool opened the Palace of water sports, the largest swimming complex in Russia and Europe.

To preserve the historical awareness of the pool in “Luzhniki” and at the same time to turn it into a modern complex of water sports, which can be visited by ten times more people — such task was set before the reconstruction of the pool. That happened — in the material

How to preserve the history and increase the capacity 10 times

Swimming pool near the metro station “Vorob’evy Gory” remembers generations of Muscovites. The pool opened in 1956, together with the complex “Luzhniki”. There were water Polo competitions. For 60 years, the pool has adopted many competitions, including the Olympics-80. In free tournaments time of the complex was used by Muscovites: it was two pools — an outdoor (length — 50 meters) and indoor (25 meters), and three indoor baths. The complex was popular among citizens — it was visited by thousands of people a day.

But over time, the building is beginning to become obsolete. Decades later, the building does not meet the requirements of international sports federations to conduct competitions and updated safety regulations and engineering designs have been worn out. So in 2016 the reconstruction of the pool.

The builders had a very difficult task: it was necessary to maintain awareness of the architectural ensemble of the complex, including the historic bas-reliefs. In addition, the new swimming centre, under the project, should be a universal, multifunctional and all-weather system designed for both professional athletes and for Amateurs. Capacity is decided to increase to 10 thousand people a day. The building, accommodating up to 10 times more visitors, it was necessary to build the perimeter of the old complex.

The design of the 1950’s: what visitors will see the Palace of water sports

The new face of the Palace of water sports is really similar to the version of the middle of the last century. The facade is covered in sand tones — the color located next to a Large sports arena “Luzhniki”, which creates the stylistic unity of the territory.

The authors of the restoration project tried details to reproduce the historical appearance of the pool: they kept decorating the old building 12 historic bas-reliefs (figures of athletes with trophies and Laurel wreaths), carefully restored them and placed inside the new complex, and their motives replicas adorned the facade of the Palace. Was also recreated memorable many Muscovites colonnade stands the old pool. The decor of the facades in 1956, worked as creative group “Loess” — sculptors Vladimir Lemport, Nikolai Silis and Vadim Sidur.

Swim under the bas-reliefs: a replica of a historic murals adorn the pool “Luzhniki”

The ornament of the rings are reminiscent of the Olympics-80 — this motif is found not only on the facades but also the interiors, the design of the lamps, fences and fountain. In fact, the ring is the main stylistic element of the building. In the style of Soviet street design mid-twentieth century, will be refurbished and the area around the Palace of water sports.

All kinds of water sports: what awaits visitors

The visitors of the complex will be ample opportunities for sports, recreation, entertainment and relaxation. The building is now a five-storey (not counting the minus first level where you can find Parking, surf center — pool with a slope to simulate sea waves, children’s center and closet). It has a large 50-meter pool with 10 lanes, which meets Olympic standards of the International swimming Federation, two 25-meter pool with three lanes and a sports hall, fitness centre, Spa centre, Boxing club, a food court with 250 seats, a café on 40 seats, cafe Express, two fotokafe and a large Aqua Park with nine slides.

In addition, there are pools with hydro-massage and water heated to 35-36 degrees — swimming in them, visitors will be able to swim outdoors in the winter. In the summer in the Palace sunbathing directly under the sun, because the building has a roof-transformer, which moved in opposite directions across the width of the building in the area of water Park slides.

The space is convenient for visitors. For example, the fitness center has a separate entrance and lobby. One of the 25-metre pools, equipped with a lifting bottom — this allows you to adjust the depth and use it for teaching children and visitors with limited mobility. Also, this pool is equipped with ramps, elevators, lifting platforms and space for storage of wheelchairs. All pools are the most modern water purification system — 32 filter, ozone systems and UV purification.

In thermal-Wellness complex has several types of saunas and baths, including the so-called Tyrolean and Mediterranean baths, cold pools, treatment rooms, children’s thermal zone with “a warm cinema” and a salt cave. New center of entertainment and relaxation for the whole family — water Park with nine slides. If you add up their length, you get a distance of about 1.3 km. Equipped with water rides here have no analogues in Russia.

For the competition in the room has a large screen which can show live streams as well as displays the time, temperature and water. It is possible to put a mobile grandstand for 250 people. Equipment that is equipped with a large swimming pool, allows you to record the results of the swimmer and transferring them to his personal office.

Updated “Luzhniki”

Major update major sports cluster continues. The reconstructed stadium “Luzhniki” a year ago took the world championship, which was named the FIFA best in the history of football. In June, opened the Palace of gymnastics. The five-storey building crowned by a roof in the shape of a waving a gymnastics ribbon. In the Palace, in addition to training rooms, there are saunas, a dining room, buffet, multimediamusic, commentator, press bar and workshops.

In the near future in “Luzhniki” will be Russia’s largest tennis club, which is equipped with 15 tennis courts, squash courts, table tennis area, a multipurpose sports hall for badminton, courts for paddle tennis and beach tennis.

It is planned to open the ice Palace “Crystal” and finish the reconstruction of the sports hall “Druzhba”. In the Northern part of the “Luzhniki” will open The Palace of single combats with the centers Sambo and Boxing, swimming pools and halls with stands. In addition, continued development of the winter complex on the Sparrow hills, which will become ski cluster of the international level.

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