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Tips of the librarian: choose picture books for toddlers and discussing with teenagers novels of modern Russian writers.

Employees of the Moscow library on the weekends tell about books that will help make your home more comfortable evening, and the time spent by parents and children together more interesting. Head of library No. 108 Gayane Arsenyan advises Andrei Zhvalevsky and Eugene Pasternak, Vladimir Suteev, Yi Wislander, Vitaly Gubarev and others.


“Stories and symbols” by Vladimir Suteev

“Tales and pictures” is one of the most famous collections of Vladimir Suteev. It includes tales of mutual support and true friendship: “Who said “meow”?”, “Under the mushroom”, “Chicken and duck”, “Different wheels” and many others.

The writer and artist Vladimir Suteev many know from childhood, so doubly pleased to acquaint him with their kids. Each tale here — with real and good pictures that will help you better understand the text.

Suteev illustrated not only their tales — he designed the books by Kornei Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak, Sergei Mikhalkov, has created a canonical illustration of “the Adventures of Chipollino”. The first Soviet edition of the main tales Gianni Rodari was black-and-white pictures by Vladimir Suteev.

“Mama Moo on the sledge” Yi Wislander

Swedish children’s writer Yi Wislander famous throughout the world thanks to the tales about funny cow the Mother of Mu that loves to fool around and have fun. In all undertakings Mom Mu participates her best friend Raven Krax. Sometimes he’s a real bore, but he could always be relied upon. These stories Yi Wislander invented together with her husband Thomas. In the book I recommend — “Mama Moo on a sled” — the heroine opens the season of winter adventures.

Illustration made notorious Sven Nordqvist — Creator of the series of books about good-natured old man Pettson and his kitten Findus.

The older guys

“The Kingdom of crooked mirrors” Vitali Gubarev

One owner, familiar to today’s parents from childhood. The story-the tale of the naughty, lazy, disobedient the third-Ola, caught on re in the magic Kingdom, a science fiction writer Vitaly Gubarev wrote in 1951. In the next decade Alexander Rowe took the book of the same name the film if you have not read the book, the film adaptation see for sure.

I think this story does not lose its relevance. Friendship, kindness, honesty — the concept of eternal. The book is about the adventures of Oli and her looking-glass double Yalo will tell the children about the need to come to the aid of the weak, to appreciate and be friends for real. In my opinion, is very important.

“The ransom of red chief” by O. Henry

“The ransom of red chief” is one of the popular stories of O. Henry. Under this pseudonym hides a satirist William Sydney porter, worked in the early twentieth century. For the talent to write concise, accurate and comprehensive of his works was called the American Chekhov.

Humorous story “the ransom of red Chief” is ideal for children who like small works with a fascinating plot and an unexpected outcome. Two swindlers, desperately needing money, decide to kidnap the young son of a rich family and demand a ransom. But they still do not know who to contact, very soon the boy is giving the kidnappers a fun life.

If the child is like, you can try to offer him other stories O Henry. For example, read together the book “Kolovraschenie”, which includes “the ransom of red Chief”, and select something for reading.


“The death dead souls” by Andrei Zhvalevsky and Eugene Pasternak

Book writing tandem of Andrei Zhvalevsky and Eugene Pasternak are becoming more popular. One of them — “the Death of dead souls.” In 2013 this story got International children’s literary award named after V. P. Krapivin.

The story is a bit creepy: there are new strange employee of the library, reminiscent of their red hair and green eyes, a witch, a seance, after which the second volume of “Dead souls” by Gogol is trying to gain power. In General, you won’t be bored either children or parents.

“Arrogant Woman” Tamara Hook

Action-Packed novel “the Proud” — for those who love legends and fairy tales, adventure and fantasy. A main character, Zlata, the daughter of a grocer, where you have to learn to overcome their handicaps to become happy.

Once I got to meet Tamara Hook readers in one Moscow school. The writer, appeared to be very open and charming, with great enthusiasm told me about his work and really interested in guys.

Tamara Kryukova writes for children of all ages. In 2007 she represented Rossignac country at the international festival “BibliObraz”.

More great books, proven by the readers of children’s libraries and their staff, — in category “The advice of the librarian”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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