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Shot from a film “Work without attribution”. Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. 2018.

In kinoosao four great premieres and special screenings one.

The first premieres of the fall were: continuation of the horror film “It” by Stephen king, free-style biography of Gerhard Richter, “Sharks” lucía Garibaldi and gripping drama with keira Knightley “Dangerous secrets”. As a bonus, we offer a documentary-art film by Iranian Director Abbas Kiarostami.

“Work without attribution” in 2018, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. Germany, Italy

German Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck known, first and foremost, the action-Thriller “the Lives of others” about the activities of the Stasi. In 2007, he received the award “Oscar” for best foreign language film. “Work without attribution” was also nominated for the Academy award, but left without the coveted statuettes. Nevertheless, the film deserves attention, as his main character. Painting is a kind of biopic about the genius of photorealism and abstract art, Gerhard Richter. However, the hero of a tape Donnersmark name is Kurt Barnhart (Tom Schilling). His childhood coincided with the heyday of fascism, which could not affect the personality Barnert. At the same time his beloved aunt managed to instill in his nephew the love of art. After the war, he becomes an artist and runs from East Germany to West where you can be creative. There he meets a girl Ellie (Paula beer) and falls in love, but soon realizes that her father (Sebastian Koch) once took Kurt’s very close to me. It is the painting will help the artist to expose evil.

Operator of the film was Caleb Deschanel — the only American in the German crew. He didn’t understand what the actors say, therefore, before work almost learned the script. The difficulties of translation did not prevent Deshaney, the picture is very beautiful and was nominated for an Oscar for best cinematography.

“Dangerous secrets” of 2019, directed by Gavin hood. UK, USA

As “Work without attribution”, “Dangerous secrets” is a film of the winner of the “Oscar” for his film “Tsotsi” also based on real events. 2003, a young British intelligence translator Katherine (keira Knightley) is set up as against the actions of the Prime Minister of great Britain and against U.S. policy. At work it gets to the document associated with the plans for the invasion of the United States in Iraq, and Catherine decided to pass it on to journalists. Scandal, Catherine in danger, but she’s not going to back down from fighting for the truth.

Critics have noted the beautiful game keira Knightley. Worthy partners Actresses began Ralph Fiennes, Matt Smith and Matthew Goode. The Premier took place at the film festival “Sundance” 28 Jan 2019.

“Sharks” 2019, Director lucía Garibaldi. Uruguay, Argentina, Spain

Off the coast of a small town discover the toothy predators. At the same time, like a shark begins to behave and heroine — 14-year-old girl Rosina (Romina Betancourt). She cut circles around any guy much older than herself. Rosina grows up, falls in love for the first time and the first time disappointed. In just 80 minutes lucía Garibaldi plunges us into the inner world of a young girl and several times surprised by the unexpected plot twists.

The picture of the “Sharks” won the prize for best Director at the festival “Sundance”. And this wonderful Director was supplemented with live camera work (German Nocella) and a great soundtrack.

“It — 2” of 2019, directed by andrés Musetti. Canada, USA

After the events of the first “It” it took 27 years. Children who won a terrible clown Pennywise matured. They returned to the town of Derry and found that evil is still here. Pennywise or is It an ancient being that takes many guises — again terrorizing the losers ‘ club. Ahead of they can expect another battle with their own fears.

The first part of the bestselling Stephen king Andres Mosketti filmed two years ago. Now he made a sequel, taking us to such stars as Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy. The first part of “It” was in theaters with great success. The sequel fans of the horror genre lay not less hope.

“Close-up” 1990, directed by Abbas Kiarostami. Iran

“Close-up” is one of the best paintings of the classics of Iranian cinema of Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away in 2016. In this tape bizarre mix of documentary and fiction. Its main character — a crook Hossein (Hossein Sabzian) who impersonates a talented Director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, but quickly caught and is under arrest. Most of the actors in the film play themselves. The tape is built on the flashback and keep coming back to questions, answers and the testimony from the courtroom.

Acquainted with the work of one of the best Iranian Directors in the cinema “Star”, 8 September at 16:00.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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