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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

Journalists are urged to keep a safe distance from police officers who are making arrests and carrying out dispersal operations.

Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the appeal during a press conference today.

He noted it was difficult for officers to distinguish between genuine and fake reporters during chaotic scenes such as the one that occurred last night outside Mong Kok Police Station.

Mr Tse said: “A large group of protesters gathered outside the Mong Kok Police Station, behaving in a disorderly manner. In one flashpoint, while our officers were arresting a female, all of a sudden, a group of people including some dressed in yellow reflective vests, surrounded and attacked our officers.

“In such a chaotic scene, it was very difficult for our officers to distinguish between genuine reporters and pretend reporters.”

He added that Police had seized fake press passes in previous operations.

“You may also have seen certain protesters even disguising their identities by changing clothes, pretending to be anyone but a protester.”

Mr Tse noted that Police respect freedom of press, adding that they have an understanding with the media that professional journalists should not get in the way of police actions.

“We appeal to bona fide members of the press to maintain a safe distance with our officers, especially when they are making arrests and carrying out dispersal operations.”

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