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Source: Swiss Canton Nidwalden News in German

August 29, 2019

The road and rockfall protection project between Stansstad and Kehrsiten can not start as planned in November 2019. The tendering procedure for the main works has merely tabled an offer. Overall, the approved loan is now exceeded by around CHF 3 million. This means that an additional credit must be demanded from the district administrator.

The canton of Nidwalden is planning a comprehensive overhaul of the Kehrsitenstrasse between Stansstad and Kehrsiten. The project includes both the renewal of the roadway in need of rehabilitation and the optimization of the amphibian protection as well as the creation of additional evasion sites and the extension of the rockfall protection above the road. Part of this is the transport concept for the Kehrsitener population during the required, several months lasting total blockage of the road. Thus, in the course of the planning phase and in dialogue with the population, a development by ferry and call boat proved to be the best-accepted solution.

The district administrator has approved a loan of CHF 16.4 million for the project last year. The main work for the project was publicly tendered as part of the submission process. Until the recently expired deadline, only an offer has been received. On the basis of this, the entire loan is unexpectedly exceeded by around CHF 3 million. This corresponds to around 18 percent. If a cost overrun of more than 5 percent is evident in a granted construction project, the cantonal Financial Budget Act states that the government council must demand additional credit from the district administrator. This step is now being prepared. The goal is to submit the additional loan by the end of the year. Due to the changed situation, the government council decided to postpone the start of construction by around one year. Originally, the work should have begun in November 2019.

Additional costs are analyzed in detailThe reasons for the additional expenditure are the unpredictable additional costs of the subproject for the rockfall protection. Corresponding expenses generated in the following the modified transport concept for the population with to be realized ferry landing places and car waiting rooms. The submission process for the main works will now be canceled. The time gained through the delay is used to scrutinize the existing cost and risk analyzes in detail and to strive for corresponding optimizations. It also verifies that the work is divided into lots and tendered. For concrete statements, it is too early at the moment.

For residents and visitors of Kehrsiten the delay means that the road remains initially passable normal and the restrictions on the blocks also move by one year. One of the main project goals is the improvement of the rockfall protection. In order to guarantee the best possible safety for road users despite the delay in construction, the area will be regularly inspected in the coming months. Should immediate measures be imposed, these will be initiated immediately.

The population of Kehrsiten has already been informed by letter. In addition, an information event will be held on Monday, September 2, 2019, 7.30 pm in the auditorium of the Oberstufenschulhaus Stansstad.

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