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Source: BMW group Munich. BMW M Motorsport and the BMW DTM family wish you a happy birthday: DTM-chief Gerhard Berger (AUT) will today, Tuesday, 60 years old. Since the beginning of his long career, the former formula 1 driver and current ITR was connected to the Chairman of BMW, again and again, closely. His first formula 1 race contested Berger 1984 on the Austria ring (AUT) – in an ATS-BMW. With Schnitzer Motorsport, he entered successfully in the tour championship and celebrated with Roberto Ravaglia (ITA) and Marc Surer (SUI) in the BMW 635 CSi of 1985, the victory at the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps (BEL). In that year, the Austrians drove in the Arrows with the BMW Turbo engine in his first full formula 1 season. 1986 Berger’s first Triumph in the formula 1: The victory at the Grand Prix of Mexico in a Benetton BMW Turbo-drive followed.

After he had finished his formula 1 career in 1997, started Berger with BMW on a new Chapter and, in 1998, BMW Motorsport Director. This office he held until 2003. Together in the double top, with BMW Motorsport Director Dr. Mario Theissen, he prepared at the time the return of BMW to formula 1. In this Era, BMW also celebrated overall victory with the BMW V12 LMR during the 24 hours of Le Mans (FRA) in 1999. Since 2017 Berger is in charge of the ITR-Chairman of the fortunes of the DTM.

Congratulations to Gerhard Berger’s 60. Birthday.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director): “congratulations, Gerhard, on the Sixties, on behalf of the entire BMW Motorsport family! Gerhard Berger and BMW are United by a common, successful past. This began in the 1980s, as Gerhard with BMW its first successes in racing and celebrated with BMW Turbo Power its impressive formula 1 career started. Later, he became BMW Motorsport Director and is, therefore, one of my predecessors. In his tenure, among other things, the unforgettable Le Mans victory in 1999 fell. We are delighted that we can now work in the DTM, again with Gerhard. He has nationalized the DTM within the shortest possible time, inter-nation, he brought the Aston Martin as the manufacturer in the series and a calendar with half of the races in the European countries has developed. And with his Input to the regulations, Gerhard has provided spectacular racing and the closeness of the Spectators. He is really an outstanding personality, not only as a racer, but in everything he tackles. I wish for Gerhard to his 60. Birthday, of course, that he remains healthy and fit is the most Important. He retains the deeds, urge us further in the sense of a better DTM challenge and absolutely, he is still himself – a pound of guy…“

Bart Mampaey (team principal, BMW Team RBM): “I was 16 years old, as Gerhard with the Team of Charly Lamm, the 24-hour race of Spa-Francorchamps has won. This was after the Era of Juma Racing, the Team of my father, which was celebrated at this time in this race, very many successes. I also remember well the BMW 635 CSi, with the we 1983, in Spa have won. We have always supplied a ‘duel’ with Carver, and Gerhard joined the Team in 1984, together with Roberto Ravaglia and Manfred Winkelhock. I know that Gerhard, in the victory year in 1985 was scary fast. The surprise not, because the Can was later confirmed by the fact that he has done it in formula 1 right up to the top and stay there for Teams like Ferrari and McLaren drove. I have very great respect for his career as a racing driver, but also afraid of what he has achieved everything else, from what he represents as a personality. After his active career he was not only in a variety of roles in Motorsport, but also as a successful entrepreneur. Then he came in the DTM, a series was not an easy time, and has set the course for a successful future. Happy birthday Gerhard Berger!“ Stefan Reinhold (team principal, BMW Team RMG): “First of all, congratulations on your birthday. As a former Fan, it of course has a great deal of respect for Gerhard. I know him from an early age as a racer and am very impressed with what he has so far for the DTM made. It’s just fun with him, and you realize that he is a true thoroughbred Racer. This is precisely the kind of people we need in the DTM.“

Marco Wittmann: “I wish Gerhard all the best for his birthday. Personally, I got to know him only through the DTM, but of course you can, what he already knows everything and has reached. He has brought fresh Wind in the DTM, many of the innovations implemented, such as the turbo engines or the entry of Aston Martin. But also for the Fans, he has made a lot of, for example, the Fan Area, or the Fan Base in the paddock. It really happened a lot. The internationalization is being worked on. Overall, he has really invested a lot of work and time. That has already paid off. I hope that he will remain with us for a long time in the DTM, and continue to advance.“

Philipp Eng: “In Austria, Gerhard is an absolute legend, not only from a sporting point of view. Anyone who thinks of Austria, you think automatically of Gerhard Berger and Niki Lauda. He has achieved in his life so much, and I think he is the right man to steer the big ship DTM. All of the Changes in the regulations, which he has initiated, such as the abolition of electric blankets, radio ban or Indy-Restart, avail have. I’m glad to know him, because he is a super relaxed guy, a real Austrian just. I wish Gerhard Berger a happy birthday, especially good health and a long life in which he can still celebrate a few more birthdays. I continue to wish him much success in all that he does. He is extremely broad, not only in the DTM. I wish him all the best.“

Bruno Spengler: “Gerhard Berger is a very special person who I respect very much. As a child, I have looked at it together with my dad on TV, as he formula 1 hazards. He is now DTM-chief says us drivers, and we are extremely proud of it. He has something moved in the DTM, he has initiated many new things, new regulations, new cars. He is very dynamic and fits perfectly with the DTM. We are all very glad that he is. Gerhard, I wish you all the best for your birthday.“

Timo Glock: “I wish to be, Gerhard Berger, happy birthday, much health and continue the creativity that he has. Gerhard is a Person that always looks up – as a formula 1 driver, team leader, or now as chief of the DTM. He is an absolutely outstanding personality, and I am pleased that he has been in the DTM at the helm. The direction he has taken with the series, is very positive, in particular with regard to the Changes in the regulations. I think that the Sport has become in the past years, much better. I hope that Gerhard continues to have a lot of good ideas and the DTM in the right direction.“

Sheldon van der Linde: “congratulations to the chief of the DTM, Gerhard Berger, to 60. Birthday. I think he is the right man for this Job, and I can only say that I am very proud to be in a series of driving, in the Gerhard Berger is so heavily involved. He is a real legend, and has already done a lot for the series to continue to advance. I am looking forward to see how it goes.“

Joel Eriksson: “I would like to congratulate Gerhard Berger on his birthday. What is he doing for the DTM and the championship is unbelievable. He does a lot to establish the DTM as one of the most successful racing series in the world. I am very happy and incredibly proud to be a part of this family. In this sense, the best wishes.“


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