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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

Good Evening Likteņdārzā, Good Evening In Your Country!Our nation is sirdsgudra. Through the ages, eras, modes of, pain, deep wounds, and reibinošiem satisfaction, and on the moments that our nation does not break down. For us it is on their own head and their own beliefs about what is right and what is still more correct, that is not correct, and that it is altogether wrong – but the roots of our most deeply ieartie’s codes – they are one and the same, they are united in is that they highly have to.In the souls of the in the garden clearly see it.Visskaudrākās the pain is pārkausētas of eternal life, through the people’s tree’s roots brings to our people’s strength of spirit. Through the generations, through time, on top of it.It’s a never-ending story in the sequel.In the baltic on the way to their hands izkausējām of the iron curtain. Instead, it flourished in three of the free states, the free again was able to breathe in a united Europe. So once again, and once again expressed thanks to each the of the free, and the single breath helped me to become from a dream into a reality!We turpināmies. Latvia is going on. Iestādīsim in the thought of every once again a new dream come true and of positive steps in the iedzīvināsim that in our democratic country, every day. We are in the us, with their own dreams and their own will and their own abilities!God, bless Latvia!


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should of the grammar and/or sentence structure of not for be the perfect.

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