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Source: Republic of Argentina

President Mauricio Macri stressed the importance of the political forces confronting the current electoral process moving forward in a debate that allows “building agreements” for the future and warned that “we can not continue in an almost terminal war, because there you get nothing. “

“What has been achieved in other countries around us we have to achieve here too. I never believed that the crack was the way, ”said Macri when speaking at the Democracy and Development seminar, held at the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires (MALBA).

He argued that “dialogue and agreement is the way to build”, but stressed that they do not serve “the agreements that are made to keep everything as it is and in which each one stays with what they have”, and said that The challenge is to “unite in a transformation.”

In the framework of a dialogue with journalists, Macri stressed that “what we need in this campaign is for each one” to present his proposals “clearly.”

In that sense, the President welcomed the fact that today the opposition accepts the importance of ensuring “fiscal balance” and that it speaks of “boosting exports.”

He affirmed that if the leadership has the capacity to build consensus that “they become state policies, then we will fill the refrigerator of the Argentines forever and not for a little while because we distribute in populist style what is present and we run out of future “

“We need this debate, which is fundamental, of how we are going to do each of these things,” he warned and said that we must do it responsibly, because “we all have history.”

“I can no longer become distracted by the three and a half years in which I governed, and the Front of All cannot become distracted from the 12 years that it governed,” he said.

Macri highlighted the attitude of the candidate of that space, Alberto Fernández, after the STEP: “I am glad of his attitude of moderation and retracing the things that happened, but for now the only one who speaks is him.”

He considered that it would be important that other sectors of that force be expressed, since “it is a very heterogeneous movement.”

Macri pointed out that the electoral result of the PASO “has been very forceful” and linked it to the events that occurred since April 2018, when the country lost access to credit and entered into “a recessive process that has been very hard for many people, who have been exhausting and exhausting, and there has been a vote for anger ”derived from that situation.

“I also do my self-criticism because, perhaps as an engineer, I put a lot of focus on the structural, on the bases, on the emergency, on what will give (the Argentines) the possibility of living better permanently, and I neglected that on that road there was that wear. That is why we make decisions this week by reversing that and we have a different focus for our second term, ”he said.

Regarding his expectations for the elections of October 27, he said that he maintains the conviction that “in a second reflection the anger will be compensated with a different vision of the present and future.”

He affirmed that “what we have done is really at stake and not only what is going to be done and we need to understand if everything we have done has value for all Argentines.”

“And this must be done have 5 percent, 30 percent or 50, because it is what you believe in. We are here because we believe in this way of living and relating. We do not want to go back to darkness. We do not want to manage again in codes of arrogance, ”he warned.

“We do not want that there is no transparency in the relations, in the public thing, in the relations of the different powers, because the power is something delicate and the power must be managed with authority, but with honesty and with mental health” he added.

Macri said that in these three and a half years “we have made great progress, we are much closer to fiscal balance, we have energy and we are connected to the world.”

He said that the conditions “to reap good results” are given from “the modernization that began and that we are accelerating.”

“With my economic team we are dealing with day to day and bringing peace of mind in the face of so much uncertainty, and for now things are being handled accordingly, and we will look for the best solution to guarantee as much as possible that the axis is to care for Argentines in this electoral process, ”he said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that next week the IMF mission will arrive in the country and said that “there will be no more changes” of the cabinet.

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