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MIL OSI-C. Mediterranean Region: Portugal

1. The Council of Ministers approved today the decree-law that proceeds to the third phase of the implementation of the Social Benefit for Inclusion (PSI), defining the access to the measure for children and youth with disabilities.

The present law extends the scope of social protection provided by PSI to children and young people with disabilities, substantially increasing the levels of support that existed in other benefits, in particular the disability bonus, and introducing an integrated and coherent longevity approach. which enables people with disabilities to be supported by the Social Inclusion Benefit throughout their life course.

In this life-cycle logic, social support accompanies people with disabilities along their path, maintaining the focus of strengthening social protection especially directed at people with congenital disabilities or whose disability arises at a stage of life that impairs training. and career paths and the inherent constitution of contributory social rights.

At this new stage of implementation, children and young people with a disability that generates 60% or more disability will be able to access, upon request, the basic component of social benefit for inclusion.

With the extension of the personal scope of social benefits for inclusion in childhood and youth, the possibility of accumulation with other social benefits, such as the orphan’s pension, is added.

2. The decree-law establishing the regime for the implementation of the family care measure was approved, without forgetting the recognition and dignity of the social function of the host families.

Through this new regime, family care emerges as an integrated system, ensured and managed by the competent social security bodies, which guarantee awareness-raising campaigns, information and capture of host families, an initial training plan that enables them to perform their jobs. important social role, as well as the management of vacancies in host families, centralized, national and homogeneous.

The present diploma results from the recommendations and proposals of a working group, constituted in 2017, comprising elements of the Social Security Institute, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and Casa Pia de Lisboa, and the analysis of the contributions that emerged from the consultation. promoted by the Government.

3. The regulatory decree amending the regulations applicable to the simplified cadastral information system and the Balcão Único do Prdio (BUPi) was approved.

The envisaged amendments take into account the need to extend the simplified cadastral information system and the Unique Building Counter to the entire national territory, thereby increasing the effective knowledge of landlords and rustic property. The strategic objective is to know and size the rural property for a more informed and capable decision about the planning and protection of the territory, and BUPI should serve as an instrument of facilitation and incentive of the process.

The approved diploma is one of the key elements of Forest Reform and is an integral part of the Interior Enhancement Program as well as the National Plan for Integrated Rural Fire Management.

4. The law regulating the method of financing of invalidity and old-age pensions of the general social security system of judicial magistrates and the Public Prosecution Service, and the respective calculation rules, was approved.

5. A decree law was approved providing for changes to the Competitiveness and Productive Capacity Support Support System, created following the major fires of October 2017, in particular as regards the maximum duration of the investment period.

This law makes it possible to extend, within six months, the deadline for completion of works or projects aimed at restoring the production conditions of the companies directly affected by the fires of October 15, 2017, particularly in the municipalities. from the Central and Northern regions.

6. The National Civil Aviation Safety Program was approved.

The Act defines the responsibilities of the different aviation actors in the implementation of the common basic standards on civil aviation safety established by Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 of 11 March.

In the light of the new regulatory framework, audits will be conducted in due course by the National Civil Aviation Safety Authority at each of the national airports to assess and determine measures and procedures to be applied. These measures may be classified as confidential and undisclosed and should be implemented and developed through binding determinations and instructions to the recipient entities.

7. The decree-law establishing the legal regime for the exercise of armed private security activity on board ships flying the Portuguese flag and crossing areas of high piracy risk was approved.

The approved scheme allows shipowners to hire private security companies to provide onboard security services using appropriate weapons and ammunition for protection purposes, provided that they cross areas of high piracy risk.

8. The resolution that selects potential investors admitted to participate in the subsequent phase of the sale of shares held directly or indirectly by Caixa Geral de Depósitos in the capital stock of Banco Caixa Geral – Brasil was approved.

Selected investors will be invited to undertake informational diligence and to submit binding share acquisition proposals.

This concludes another strategic step towards the execution of the calendar of commitments underlying the recapitalization of Caixa Geral de Depósitos by the State.

9. The Decree Law regulating the conditions for access and operation of public express passenger services, as well as transparent, equitable and non-discriminatory access to passenger interfaces and bus terminals, was approved.

The express public passenger transport service is intended to be a direct and semi-direct long-distance service between conurbations or urban centers, complementary to the intercity and interregional public passenger transport service, ensuring a reliable and reliable quality service for situations that are not covered by public service obligations and contracts. The aim is also to ensure that public transport interfaces and terminals allow non-discriminatory access and equal opportunities for all public passenger transport operators and promote intermodality and clear and transparent passenger information.

10. The extension of the extraordinary regularization process of Casa do Douro’s assets was approved until the creation of the entity to which the assets, rights and obligations resulting from said process will be transferred.

11. The decree-law defining the composition, competencies, functioning and electoral process of the class councils in the Navy was approved in order to adapt it to the new rules on the evaluation of the merits of the military of the Armed Forces.

12. The decree-law regulating the establishment of a system for collecting, recording and analyzing data on science and technology was approved.

The new system incorporates a database of digital skills, a database of scientific and teaching employment and a periodic survey of employment in public higher education with a view to complying with the decree-law approving the legal regime of the institutions. engaged in research and development.

Created in accordance with international best practice and European rules of reference, the system aims to promote adequate conditions of scientific employment and qualified employment in research and development institutions, enhancing the rejuvenation of the scientific community and the development of scientific careers, including the establishment of mechanisms monitoring of scientific employment in Portugal.

13. The resolution authorizing the Air Force to bear the expenses to cover the costs arising from the contract with Romania for the sale of five F-16 aircraft.

In order not to affect the operational capacity of the Portuguese Air Force, the expenditure necessary to complete the sale, estimated at 130 million euros, will be fully supported by the revenues resulting from the contract with Romania, which will allow strengthen cooperation between the two countries, enabling cost sharing, profitability of technical skills and increased operational capacity of the Portuguese Air Force.

14. Expenditure has also been authorized for the following procedures:

– Attribution of financial compensation to private road transport operators of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area for the availability of intermodal transport titles in the first quarter of 2019, as well as adjustments from previous years;

– Acquisition by the Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services of electronic surveillance services for the enforcement of judicial decisions for a period of five years (2020-2024), as well as shared management services of the Santa Cruz Special Prison of the Bishop, from 2020 to 2029;

– Support resulting from the conclusion of program contracts under the School Meal Generalization Program for the 2019/2020 school year;

– Ensure Portuguese participation in Expo Dubai 2020, taking into account the contracts related to the exhibition contents, maintenance, management and daily operation of the Portuguese Pavilion;

– Technological update of the 112 pt’s four operational centers, and their corrective and evolutionary maintenance, for a period of 36 months, as well as the use of direct adjustment for the acquisition of goods and services;

– Reformulation, by the Institute of Informatics, of the Financial Information System and its implementation of the Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations, within the scope of social security;

– Acquisition by the Regional Health Administration of the Center of hygiene and cleaning services for the years 2020 and 2021;

– Purchase of cleaning services by the services and bodies of the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security;

– Continuous procurement and supply by the Navy of food for 2020;

– Acquisition by the Tax and Customs Authority to upgrade Oracle Exadata and Bigdata platforms.

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