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Source: Federal centre for political education, a memorial speech on the Berlin wall from 13. August 2019Der Berlin journalist Jörg Hildebrandt grew up in a parsonage at the Bernauer street, where for a long time, the Church of reconciliation stood. It was blown up by troops in 1985 by East German border, to receive free point of view and field of fire in the strip of the wall along Bernauer Straße. Every year on 13. August is held at this place in the “chapel of reconciliation”, a memorial speech at the Berlin wall – 2019 by Jörg Hildebrandt. Here is his eyewitness report.The Bernauer Strasse – my destiny road. In security, she has cradled me Berlin can never be torn apart. This security has you taken me, Bernauer Strasse, Berlin has been torn. A new safety has given them to me, a inviolable: history knows no ages.The entrance to the Church of reconciliation on Bernauer Strasse is blocked by the Berlin wall, 1961 (© picture alliance / akg-images, photo: archive Boelte)

Why, actually, we were so carefree in the summer of 1961? We – by which I mean virtually all the inhabitants of this my Bernauer Strasse, the East and the West, down from the North station to the top of the oderberger Straße. We just, we would need to know, need to fear: after all, I could count on Ulbricht’s lie has always been. I am on the Morning of the 13th. August, get up early, around me, over on the West side of the newspaper kiosk in the French sector, my Sundays-to get daily level, monthly subscription for East Berlin self-service 6 Mark in the East. Since I am Strelitzer Strasse, on the corner of Bernauer and see it: barbed wire rolled out knee-high on the East Berlin side. Crowds of people this side of, beyond. In the East, the “armed organs”, threateningly positioned in front of the agitated local residents. Also in the West – stunned the Berlin.However, in our heads, the great Cold-war policy (Washington, Moscow, Bonn-Pankow) is not the device this Morning, but we have to ask ourselves, What is today, this Sunday, and what will be tomorrow, on Monday? The parents, on the other hand, you expect a daughter and son-in-law for lunch, grandma and grandpa from the rheinberger want fountain with the grandchildren from the Hussite road grove, others see in the Vox cinema, the new Caterina-Valente-movie a walk in the Humboldt, in the afternoon of the visit in the Hedwig hospital, or in the evening, the Hertha game on healthy.A witness to the thought-provoking encoder: the author Jörg Hildebrandt in his commemorative speech, at 13. August 2019 in the Berlin chapel of reconciliation on Bernauer Strasse. To the left of the edge of the image of Berlin’s governing mayor, Michael Müller, and the head of the Berlin wall memorial, Dr. Axel Klaus Meier. (© Berlin Wall Foundation / Gesa Simons.)

The barbed wire Sonntagfrüh – from the east one of the usual baffles only: We know this from the last years: water can no longer flow from west to east, telephone is cut off, electricity is interrupted, West Berliners are denied access to the “zone”, Trams no longer travel across the sector border, later the foreign postage on the letters from the Ackerstraße 43 to the Ackerstraße 45. And the closure of the eastern sector of the western sectors – we have already experienced twice. After the suppression of the popular uprising on June 17, 1953, the Soviet T 34 tanks are here in the connecting roads East West (Strelitzer road, Brunnenstraße), stand with running engines, hum and stench. And for two or three days we do not get residents of the Bernauer Straße into our own sector. And hardly anyone remembers or knows that Walter Ulbricht will lock the inner-city border in early September 1960 after the death of East German President Wilhelm Pieck for a few days , Thick tree trunks suddenly lie diagonally across the streets, beveled, so that at least the Allies can pass. Ulbricht has been uprooted to the Chairman of the State Council and fears greater flight movements of the startled population. Wechselbad the feelings and insights. Yes, for many years this deceptive certainty, this constantly contested hope: we are a city, we remain a city. Are we really, are we really staying it? And suddenly the terrible experience: No, we are not anymore. In fact, a wall. The first hollow blocks I see on Tuesday, August 15, in the Ackerstraße. Then windows and doors are walled up, at first only at ground level. The apartment of my neighbor and girlfriend Regine Saturday, 19 August. Our parish property, church and meetinghouses, Monday morning, 21st August. My brother Herbert, cantor and organist at Reconciliation, later at the Berlin Cathedral, we can just welcome him over the first rows of stones. The masons left a gap at our request. All time in the world, the brother has indulged, comes calm and tanned from his illegal West holiday on Lake Como. From there he let us know: “It will not be that bad for you.” Workers are increasing the sector lock on Bernauer Strasse. The work on the barrier wall was carried out in the Harz, the Heidelberger and the Bouchéstraße as well as in the Bernauer road on the border to the West Berlin district Wedding. Almost evening after night there had been incidents on these sections of the wall. Picture taken in 1961. (© picture-alliance / dpa)

But – it comes so bad: the wall is growing – and with it grow disappointment and helplessness. Where are the “Protecting Powers”, the Americans, the British, the French? Kennedy sends his deputy Lyndon B. Johnson. I hear it myself still on the Rudolf Wilde place in front of the city hall Schöneberg: “you, you brave West Berliners, we guarantee you freedom and self determination.” We are not worth talking about East Berlin. Until the end of October we live here on the parsonage, live right and bad behind the raised wall. At night, the Rias studio on the barbed wire sounds from the other side, the chants ring out: “The wall must go. The wall has to go. “Soon it will be called:” Living with the wall. “Or even:” Change through rapprochement. “A changing pool of feelings and insights. In any case: no time to lose – it’s five to twelve. Our sacking on October 26, 1961. I think we are the last residents here who have to leave Bernauer Strasse. And we are doing comparatively well. We are allowed time in broad daylight. In the weeks before, regular expulsions took place, at midnight hour or at the crack of dawn, in hours – carryover downright, no one knows where to go. Suicides are the result, misses crashes in jumping cloths of the West Berlin police and firefighters, nervous breakdowns. The church clock set in 1961 to five to twelveUnited rage grabs me on the last day. Chased away from home! At least leave traces. Tower watchkeeper I am. My brother Johannes, later a long-time pastor of the neighboring Sophiengemeinde, he encourages me. I go up to our church tower, over the bells – and put all four clocks around at five to twelve. No more time to lose! Do not forget us! Pathos of a twenty-two-year-old. Certainly. But even more: self-defense. Did she help? Church and tower have been razed to the ground scarcely two and a half decades later – in the SED speech: “In accordance with action plan for the implementation of structural measures for the increase of security, order and cleanliness at the state border to West Berlin.” Sight and Schussfeld.Geblieben are the bells, the Christ sculpture, it is now in front of the Gethsemanekirche, also remained the church clock, which will find its place in memory of the inauguration of the Church of Reconciliation 125 years ago, the end of this month in the Diakonie Germany / Bread for the world, a few hundred meters away from us, brought back to life, visible and audible to the people of all continents. Remained are rubble and remains of the wall, from which our little chapel of reconciliation has grown out. We thank you Manfred Fischer, the pastor and builder. And we have the cross, salvaged by cemetery workers after the tower blast. Bent and bent – not victorious, not triumphalist. His sight always brings back wonderful memories of the peaceful coexistence of the East-West reconciliation community, but it also makes me think – and not only on anniversaries like today – of bad stories, here and elsewhere on the Berlin Wall , at the inner German border. Yes, the deadly lintels, the refugee murders. It starts with Ida Siekmann and Günter Litfin and finds its bad end with Chris Gueffroy and Winfried Freudenberg. As far as I’m informed, eight women and men have lost their lives trying to escape in this street alone. At the Berlin Wall near Potsdamer Platz in the spring of 1990 (© Holger Kulick)

Destiny Road – Bernauer Straße: A healing change of feelings and insights. Survival was necessary for those years: the bright observation, checking and evaluating, the rebelliousness, the signing. And I thank God that my wife Regine and I managed to convey this to our children and grandchildren as well. “2019 New hollow blocks for closed societies” I know that the invisible walls of the world today are often more perfidious than the visible wall Stone that was built here – sneakier, meaner. Many of us who have not simply endured the GDR in the 28 years of capture, but have opposed the Ulbricht-Honecker state’s own claims, imperfect, modest, even timid – many of us are over 1989/90 also stayed wide awake. And that must not change. It is important to open your ears wide, judge, stand up, yes, to venture yourself into the danger zone: against hatred of Jews, against xenophobia, against the craving of the fundamentalists, be it Islamic or Christian, against everything , really everything that claims exclusivity, religious superiority, national, ethnic dominance, even folk-genetic. Let us look around, as in our Germany of the year 2019 new hollow blocks are erected for closed societies, unabashedly layer by layer for the wall of a seemingly comfortable alternative to actually uncomfortable democracy.Not we fall for the new lie this time – this: “Nobody intends to touch human dignity. “And if! This murderous work is already taking shape, horrible shape: in word, image and action. Symbolic steles on the former wall strip, they mark the former course of the Berlin Wall. In the background the wooden chapel of Reconciliation, where until 1985 the Reconciliation Church stood. (© Berlin Wall Foundation)

Let me of my father, Helmut Hildebrandt conclude with a sermon set


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