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August 22, 2019

The government has calculated the financial compensation contributions to eligible municipalities for 2019 and 2020. Due to a legislative adjustment to the definition of contributions is an exception, for two years. In the current year tax the special cases of the goings-on in the municipality of Hergiswil the amount available in the amount.

The district administrator has approved, at its meeting at the end of may, the total revision of the law on direct financial compensation (FAG). This has the consequence that in this year, two intra-cantonal financial compensations are set by the government. The financial compensation 2019 is in accordance with the former scheme, and is triggered in the current year. The financial equalisation 2020 is, however, according to the revised law, and is calculated therefore already. Deposits and withdrawals in 2020 are in the first place. But as for the Budget of the next year, the actual financial amounts of compensation are already available, should not result in any deviations anymore. This gives the municipalities compared to the past, considerably more planning security.

Financial compensation 2019: The deposits in the financial compensation compared to the previous year by 1.5 million to 21.1 million Swiss francs. The municipality of Hergiswil in controls alone, 10.9 million, of Canton, for its part, 9.5 million Swiss francs. This corresponds to around 96 per cent of all deposits (previous year: 91 percent). The remaining 4 percent will come from the municipalities of Stansstad and Ennetbürgen. The strong increase is due to special tax cases in the municipality of Hergiswil. The municipality of Stans, no longer belongs to the donor communities, but settled, so to speak, in the neutral Zone and receives a compensation of almost 200’000 Swiss francs.

In the case of the participating municipalities Buochs, Wolfenschiessen, and upper village are the biggest beneficiaries, in the midfield, Beckenried, Dallenwil and Ennetmoos is located. Per capita, the municipality of wolf gets to shoot with 1’870 francs at the most, followed by Dallenwil with 1’455 Franconia and upper village with 1’212 Swiss francs. The village of Emmetten shows a strong decline in the financial strength index, and is once again one of the participating municipalities. The circulating medium composed of the components of “Financial adjustment”, “standard balancing people’s school” and the “load balancing stream structures”.

Financial compensation 2020: to be distributed in the medium are re-limited with an upper limit of 19 million Swiss francs. Is the total calculated amount it, flow, 80 percent of them in the state Treasury and the remaining 20 percent of the financial compensation. 2020 19.2 million Swiss francs are available. The “standard balancing people’s school,” is endowed with 5.4 million and will be paid only to municipalities with an above-average proportion of students per capita. Stans receives, therefore, not contribute more. The “standard compensation resident population” is a new Instrument, and comes in the four smallest municipalities to the Good, of which from the pot of 1.3 million Swiss francs Emmetten as the smallest municipality, a post of around 600’000 Swiss francs receives. The “load-balancing for the protection from natural events” has only received a new name, and is generally applied by analogy to the old law. As a Residual of the balancing of financial power remains. In the process, it is necessary to determine first the extent to which Index the participating municipalities can benefit. A compensation is carried out up to a financial strength index of 83.9 points. In the range of 83.9 to 90 index points, no payout is made.

Beckenried, Buochs, upper village, Ennetmoos, Dallenwil and Stans, as compared with 2019 lower payout contributions. Thus, the system can exchange with the municipalities are somewhat offset, feeds the Canton in the first year, an additional 1 million Swiss francs in the pot. Contributions are paid to those municipalities that get compared to the financial compensation 2019 worse. In the following year, the Canton will bring 500’000 Swiss francs, as a transitional contribution in addition.

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