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Authorities in the area of health, to declare support for the action, the QUALITIES against the manufacturers of e-cigarette

Posted : 21/08/2019 – up-to-Date at : 12:53:13

The leaders of the various non-governmental organizations and institutions that are active in the field of health and on tobacco control expressed early on Wednesday (21/08), at a meeting with the attorney general’s office, Andrew Thomas, in support of the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General’s office (AGU), for manufacturers of cigarettes to pay for the costs of the public system and in the treatment of diseases related to tobacco use.“In the U.S., the same companies that have been paying on this account for the past twenty years. Has already paid out more than$ 160 billion, but the Brazilian has still not been held to account,” said the legal director of the Alliance for the Control of Smoking, Adriana Carvalho. “This is an industry that is the cause of a negative externality is too large for the country. Because of this, our expectations with respect to the action, it’s great. This is an opportunity for the industry to be ultimately liable to pay that account”, he said.“The rest of the world to see that the action of the OFCE as a stepping-stone is extremely courageous and it is important to implement the Convention on Tobacco Control to the UN, and in particular, the article encourages countries to take responsibility for the industry,” he added by Patricia Sosa, director, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Campaign for Children’s Free Tobacco use. “What in the world is paying close attention to the work you are doing, and we are offering our full support and our experience with similar claims in other countries.”The same support has been provided by the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. “We’ve got a great deal with regards to that action, and we’ll be happy to provide technical input and any support that you, the QUALITIES you need to in order to support the brilliant legal action,” said a consultant to the Tobacco Control of the entity, or by Cristiane Vianna.They also participated in the meeting, Valeska Figueiredo (researcher at the Fiocruz), Gustavo Sóñora (regional director in Latin America of the International Union against Tuberculosis and lung Disease), He Places (Bloomberg Philanthropies), Yolonda Richardson, vice president of Global Programs for the Campaign for Kids Free Tobacco products), A. Pasquolotto professor and researcher at the catholic university of rio grande do sul), and Graziele’s Call (co-coordinator of the Research Program of the Johns Hopkins university, Bloomberg School of Public Healthy), in addition to the officers of the Department of foreign Affairs of NEPAL.“We rely too much on Justice, and we have to pay special attention to this process,” said the attorney-general’s office, Andrew Thomas, during the meeting. “The perspective that matters in this case, it is the law, and the impact on society and the health of the public, and also to create an awareness of tobacco use,” he said.

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