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Source: The Left”for Years the Federal Republic has rejected the legitimate demands of the victims of the Nazi extermination war in Eastern Europe to compensation and restitution from the. It is time to free the German-Polish reconciliation process out of the impasse of political opportunism. Germany must finally take responsibility for the unimaginable war damage and reparations to the Polish society. A reminder of the political certainly, funds could strengthen initiatives from the civil society in both countries, and the memory of the victims of German fascism for future generations,“ says Brigitte free hold, memory, political expert of the group, on THE LEFT, to the debate on reparation payments in the run-up to the 80. Anniversary of the Attack of Hitler Germany on Poland. Free hold on:”The ignorance of the German government towards the war wounds of the Polish society is shameful and unacceptable. In the Wake of the Attack by Hitler’s Germany almost six million Polish citizens were killed in Poland, half of them Jews, the plan was murdered. However, neither the Bundestag nor the Federal government want to hold a memorial service or a German-Polish state funeral. This promotes mutual mistrust. The sum of the never paid reparations to Poland, it is estimated by historians such as Karl-Heinz Roth to around a trillion Euro. The establishment of a reminder of the political Fund would pave the way for, to pay at least a portion of the debt and, in particular, the estimated of 40,000 still living in the former Polish concentration camp prisoners and forced workers to protect them from poverty in old age. In addition, finally, social insurance contributions to the Polish victims of the violent Germanization and the Polish civil workers are to be paid. A Model for this is the successful payment of Ghetto pensions to Polish Jews and Roma in 2014. Without the responsibility of the Federal takeover of reconciliation with Poland is not possible.“


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