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The Chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus, has called on the Federal government to the compromise of the coalition tips for affordable Housing and more housing quickly. “I expect that you are working with high pressure on the draft legislation, so that we can get in the Bundestag later this year,” said brink house after the meeting of the coalition Committee of the CDU, CSU and SPD of the DPA.

“With the residential and rental package, we are continuing our intensive work, so that Rents will not increase without bounds, and above all, more built,” says Brinkhaus more. “The best remedy against high Rents is to Build, Build, Build. To do this, we need more land.“ The coalition will ensure that more and faster can be constructed, – said the Chairman of the Union group. “Lessee, we protect, we transform the possibilities of rental in the condominium, reduce.”

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— CDU/CSU (@ucuducen) August 19, 2019

Building kit is a “correct focus”

“The package to the Building and Housing of the coalition Committee, sets the right priorities, in order to create more affordable housing,” said construction and Housing competent Vice-Chairman Ulrich Lange (CSU). He announced that in the upcoming budget negotiations, the establishment of a fallow land program, will play a Central role, to restore the health of the polluted land.

Building code change, vacant lots close

The coalition Committee has called on the Federal government, among other things, by the end of the year a draft law to Amend the Building code to submit. With him the possibilities for municipalities to infill development are to be improved, for example through a further development of the pre-emption right, or by facilitating the application of a Baugebots. The Union has set that a focus on the rural areas. Thus, the development of foreign so as to facilitate areas and a new construction area category of “Rural residential” be introduced.

The rental price brake is extended

The coalition Committee has also decided that Rent control will be extended to five years. Also, the viewing period for the local reference rent is to be extended from four to six years. In addition, it is provided that tenants can, in the future, request in the event of a breach of the rental price brake too much rent paid for a period of 30 months, if the violation within 30 months, will be displayed after the start of the tenancy. Later notices of defects shall only be from the date of the notice to be effective. Rügen to the end of the tenancy should have no effect.

#Build land, protect #Mieter. The #Koaausschuss decides on housing and rental package. @rbrinkhaus: So that # rents do not rise to the shoreless and above all, more is built “. # # Brinkhaus bauenwohnenleben # / Yl6ajHSs9m

— CDU/CSU (@ucuducen) August 19, 2019

Reorganisation costs also in the case of Brokers

In order to reduce the costs for the acquisition of self-occupied residential space significantly, to provide the Federal government a law that the person who instructs a broker who will in future carry at least one-half of the costs. The right and consumer policy spokesperson of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, called the compromise “a fair scheme, which Essentially corresponds to the in wide Parts of Germany, lived in voluntary practice”.

Reactivation of fallow land

In the case of the mobilization of building land, the Federal government wants to go finally, set a good example and with the Deutsche Bahn, talks to you for plots of land at reduced prices for rental housing available. If there is the corresponding game space, to flow from the Federal budget of 100 million Euro for the reactivation of brownfield sites for housing.


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