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QUALITIES it offers job vacancies, post-graduate diploma in public advocacy with the countries of Latin America

Posted : 15/08/2019 – up-to-Date at : 16:07:10

The attorney-general’s office, Andrew Mendoza, announced on Thursday (15) in the city of Lima, Peru, the member states of the Association of Latin american Advocacias and the office of the attorney for the State (Alap) will be able to take part in the Course of Post-Graduate specialization in public advocacy is offered by the School, in the office of the solicitor General (AGU).The members of the advocacias or the office of the attorney general of the nine countries that are part of the Alap shall have the right initially to a position in each, and there is the possibility of increasing the number, if there is interest and availability. The positions will be offered to you in the next class, of course. The first edition will start on the 27th of August, in a lecture at the headquarters of the AGU.“There certainly is, among the teachers, the ministers of the Supreme Court of Brazil, so it will be a course very heavy, and with a very good faculty,” said. Expertise, the theme of which is “the rule of Law and legal State, you will have an 18-month period. According to Thomas, the programme will be extended to contain also the subjects of International Law.The attorney-general in the peruvian capital for the 1st special Session of the General Assembly. “The most important thing is that you are sharing your experiences. My idea is to open up to, maybe, do a month’s work, together with the experience, by making petitions to the courts of law, advisory opinion, so that you know a little bit how we work. The difficulties we face, the challenges we face and how do we make the systems that we have. So, with the passage of time, we will be working with as similar as possible. I think that is the key,” he said.Thomas went on to explain the details of the course, major themes and subjects, and the criteria for participation. In addition to the seats to the students, the EAGU is open for teachers who have an interest in cooperating with the study, provided they have a Doctoral degree in their home country. According to him, the goal of the OFCE is to create a school of law of the State, all over the country, offering courses in public law at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels.The director of the EAGU, Danilo, Barbosa and Sant Anna, he said, that for the purpose of bringing students and teachers to have a post-graduate degree is that the course is more and more rich and useful the lawyer’s audience is not only brazil, but Latin America as a whole.“This is an initiative that has as its objective the exchange of experiences and capacity-building of law in Latin America, which is at a different stage in each of the countries. It is a time of great joy and hope for this project is that you have so much affection for the institution,” said.The search engines search marketing with focus on the post-graduate course is divided in to two key pillars of advisory and dispute resolution. The shaft of the litigation will focus on the key issues relating to the legal defense of public entities, such as the Management of complaints that are Repetitive

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