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Source: Federal Ministry for labour and SozialesDie Federal government has today adopted the law on the discharge of maintenance principal pair in the social assistance and integration assistance (to members of the relief law) in the Cabinet. Thus, debtor has parents and children of beneficiaries are relieved of social assistance financially tangibly. In addition, the law planning for persons with disabilities through the permanent protection of the additional independent advice have. With the introduction of a budget for training, a wider promotion of people with disabilities in education in the future is also possible.Hubertus Heil, the German Federal Minister for labour and social Affairs:

With the members relief act, the Federal government is implementing another Central project of the coalition agreement. Parents and children of dependent relatives will be relieved to sustainably and noticeably. They are burdened by the care for a relative, anyway be strong and bear a great responsibility. We take you now to the fear of unpredictable financial demands. In the future, you must pay from a gross annual income of 100,000 euros, a contribution to the cost of care.We finish at the same time a year long, unequal treatment, by making the scheme for the whole of the social assistance in a uniform manner. This is long overdue. I am also pleased that we were able to secure the additional independent participation Advisory service (EUTB) in the long term and across the Board. And with the new Budget for education in addition, people with disabilities, the training on the first labour market can be promoted better.

Jürgen fuddle, the Federal government Commissioner for the concerns of people with disabilities:

In the tenth year of the ratification of the UN disability rights Convention in Germany, the “dependants relief act” is an important and good Signal for people with disabilities. In particular, the proposed permanent financing of the supplementary and independent participation Advisory service (EUTB) makes me very happy. It helps that people can realise with disabilities of their right to independent living planning, and part. Also, the bill contained the Budget for education, I welcome. Young people with disabilities provides a further Alternative to the vocational education and training area of a workshop. You will now receive, with appropriate funding, the opportunity to in-company training, with a recognised professional qualification for the labour market can be acquired. In addition to the discharge of the members I would have to limit me to the discharge of the individual Concerned – for example through the abolition of the income and Assets required. This must be the next step.

The core elements of the law in detail: Relief of dependent parents and children of social assistance benefit recipients Parents and children of social assistance benefit recipients will in future only be paid by the social assistance institution for the payment of maintenance payments if an annual gross income of EUR 100,000 is exceeded. Until now, this limit applied exclusively to beneficiaries according to the Fourth Chapter SGB XII (basic security in old age and in case of reduced earning capacity). It will now be extended to the entire SGB XII. An exception applies to parents of under-age benefit recipients who receive SGB XII living support benefits, as they would otherwise provide a parental privilege for underage children. The use of parents of full-age disabled children will no longer be included in integration assistance in the future. Improvements to the Social Compensation Law are also being implemented. Improvements for People with Disabilities The Relief Relief Act further harmonises the benefit entitlement for persons with disabilities with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.Removal and increase supplementary independent participation advice : Supplementary Independent Participation Advice (EUTB) is a consultancy service independent of service providers and service providers. The aim is to support people with disabilities or impending disabilities and their relatives, so that they can realize their individual needs and participation goals, with or without impairment. The offer has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs since 1 January 2018 and was limited until 31 December 2022. The Family Relief Act will ensure that the offer is permanently and comprehensively funded. Introduction of a budget for training: People with disabilities who are eligible for admission to a workshop for disabled people can receive vocational training even if they have a regular occupational training Undergoing training or specialist training in the first job market. So far, this has been limited to workshops for people with disabilities or other service providers. In addition, the rights of people with disabilities are strengthened in the following areas: People with disabilities in the entrance procedure and vocational training area have a workshop for people with disabilities (WfbM) or with another service provider In future, in principle, entitlement to basic benefits in old age and reduced earning capacity. Thus, a jurisprudence of the social justice system is taken into account by equating persons in the entrance procedure and vocational training area of a WfbM to persons in the working area of a WfbM. The claim will also be introduced for the duration of the training for persons who will receive a budget for training in the future.There will also be a supplement, which is necessary due to the separation of the professional assistance and living support according to SGB XII from January 1, 2020: the non-deduction of pensions or other current incomes received by persons with disabilities in January 2020. These incomes will count against the monthly living entitlement under SGB XII. Non-counting guarantees that people with disabilities will have a livelihood at the beginning of January and will be able to meet their payment obligations, especially for rent and meals. In the following months, the monthly income together with the increasing entitlement according to SGB XII is available to finance livelihoods. Once the need for employment assistance has been determined, the amount of this benefit will no longer depend on the discretion of the integration offices. In the future, this will be a claim, which will be laid down in SGB IX.


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