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Source: Canton of Neuchatel SuisseMagnifique popular success for the Day cantonale neuchâteloise to the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey. On Saturday, some 80’000 people made the trip on the Riviera and have been able to discover the rich program concocted by the Canton of Neuchâtel : a presentation of its best wines, of course, but also many concerts of artists from neuchâtel-e-s, and various other animations.

The program of the Day cantonale neuchâteloise de la Fête des Vignerons 2019, this Saturday 10 August in Vevey, was supposed to be an excellent vintage ! It was ! Under the theme ” Vinnovation “, namely “wine” and ” innovation “, the Township has offered a rich, balanced, robust, and easy-drinking.

“It is a pleasure for the canton of Neuchâtel to participate in the Festival of the wine Growers. The Neuchâtel are faithful and valiant disciples of Bacchus! From tradition to innovation, from Neuchâtel have grown precious knowledge over the centuries. A master’s degree and knowledge that radiate their canton in Switzerland, but also beyond the national borders. Between tradition and renewal, that mark the generations, a little picture of the Feast of the wine Growers since its inception. We are so proud today to share with you our know-how in both areas the wine as in those of the high-precision, ” summed up the chairman of the Council of State Alain Ribaux in his speech during the official part.

A colourful procession

The Day cantonale neuchâteloise has been marked by the colourful procession of the Brotherhood of Winemakers, which included the delegation of neuchâtel. In total, nearly 6500 people who marched (all of the actors/actresses-appearing-e-s to the evening show and some 430 in Neuchâtel and Neuchâtel) in front of an audience delighted by this amazing show of over two hours in the town of Vevey. This parade will be remembered as one of the strong points of this edition 2019 of the Feast of the wine Growers ! The world wine neuchâtel was well represented with fifty winegrowers and winemakers. Six brotherhoods neuchâtel honoring the wine and the terroir have also parade. To raise the banners of all the communes of the Canton were present.

The best wines from neuchâtel and… absinthe !

The wine neuchâtel were also, of course, of the displacement on the vaud Riviera. Under the patronage of Neuchâtel Wines and Terroir, the visitors fans of nectars were able to taste all the wines winners of the selection of the canton. Were presented the best wines of each category : Chasselas, OEil de Perdrix, Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Barrique, Chardonnay, Chardonnay Barrique, Pinot Gris, Specialty White, Specialty Red, Sweet Wines and Sparkling Wines. A proof of the richness of wine-making in our township.

Two other local products will also be featured and have delighted the palate and the taste buds of visitors, namely absinthe, with tastings organized in partnership with the famous “House of Wormwood” in the Val-de-Travers, and the saucisson neuchâtelois.

Artists neuchâtel-e-s on the Riviera

The culture of neuchâtel has also been honored with a rich, young, diverse and energetic ! Music, circus, street art and graffiti: a beautiful selection has delighted large and small and has enabled us to discover and rediscover the rich artistic and cultural heritage of our township. On stages installed in the City of Vevey, this are artists neuchâtel-e-s-confirmed-e-s or in the making (Rambling Wheels, The Small Singers to the Hangover, Félix Rabin, MC Roger, Yvolstellka…) of various musical worlds, which have provided shows. Among other original features, the public also has the opportunity to discover the live creation of a mural mobile by the graffiti writer and artist chaux-de-fonnier SOY on the theme of the day “Vinnovation”.

A Canton at the forefront of innovation

The Canton of Neuchâtel has also proposed to the public to discover many animations together under the tent “Destination innovation-NOT” on the quais of Vevey. The place was both entertaining and informative, also for the small and the great. A watchmaking workshop allowed the visitors to initiate the assembly of a watch of neuchâtel. A focus on photovoltaics has been proposed with the presentation of panels of latest-generation via the EMSB.

Robotics was also present with an unusual robot capable of doing… and beard-to-dad. Virtual reality has been thematized with a new experience : a simulator was allowed to live in an empty stomach the effects of glasses of alcohol at the wheel (developed by the HE-ARC). A stand of Tourism Neuchâtel has also proposed a contest with great prizes related to tourism activities can be found on the territory of the canton.

A film that values the whole of the Canton

This Day in canton was also the occasion for the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel to achieve a beautiful promotional film. It is presented as a clip to the timeline decidedly modern, the pace and dynamic to the original script. In 120 seconds, this film managed the small feat of reviewing more than 45 iconic locations in the canton, combining nature, culture and economy, with of course a nod to the product king of the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey : the wine.

The “Fête des Vignerons” in the hour of neuchâtel

Finally, to thank the Brotherhood of the Winegrowers of his invitation, the Canton of Neuchâtel has marked the occasion by offering a collection object : a mechanical watch created specially for the event and produced in a single copy. Its design is 100% neuchâtel (Le Locle and La Chaux-de-fonds).

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure is not be perfect.

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