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Source: Die Linke “The IPCC World Climate Report confirms what everyone in Germany feels: the world is getting hotter, the weather is getting more extreme. Mass agriculture in the industrialized countries is one of the contributors to the climate crisis. In Germany, 70 percent of the climate-damaging emissions in agriculture come from livestock of cattle, pigs and poultry. The reason for the unsustainable livestock farming is the neo-liberal agrarian madness promoted by the Federal Government. The completely uninhibited competition is at the expense of the climate, nature, animals and humans, “explains Lorenz Gösta Beutin, climate policy spokesman for the DIE LINKE parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Beutin continued: “We need a weekly market instead of a world market, more education about the consequences of meat consumption. DIE LINKE demands a radical turnaround in agriculture and the renunciation of mega-stalls and export orientation. It needs regional animal stock caps. The livestock in Germany must be significantly reduced, a gradual exit from the megastall livestock must be socially flanked. The surface binding, must finally come: It can only be kept as many animals as locally available on area. The export of agricultural commodities and food should no longer be subsidized. It contributes to the destruction of the climate and local agricultural structures of peasant farmers in the global South. DIE LINKE opposes the turbo-globalization of agricultural markets, from which only the large corporations and agrarian oligarchies in the global South profit. We want to end the export strategy in agricultural policy and strengthen regional, sustainable agriculture in Germany through an ecological climate offensive. Farmers need to be supported by the state and rewarded for climate protection in order to switch to sustainable economies and organic farming. For climate damage, those who do not have adequate climate protection must be asked to pay and those who are not responsible for the climate crisis must be compensated. The grand coalition still has no recipe for more climate protection in agriculture. The digitization of agriculture and genetic engineering are climate protection pseudo solutions. A Climate Protection Act must prescribe binding climate protection targets for agriculture and provide funds for the agricultural change. Only in this way can Germany comply with the Paris Climate Protection Agreement. “


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