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Source: European Parliament

Turkey, in breach of every rule of international and European law, is still refusing to recognise the Republic of Cyprus and allow airlines based in the country to fly through Turkish airspace. Furthermore, this acts a deterrent for an airline to choose Cyprus as its base, as it will automatically be refused entry into Turkish airspace.

The ban, therefore, inflicts additional costs on any airline based in Cyprus which is locked out of the competition for many destinations. This creates unfair competition with other airlines that have access to Turkish airspace.

This situation is unacceptable and is causing enormous distortions in the air  transport market, thus incurring further costs for Cyprus, its airlines and its passengers.

In view of this, will the Commission say:

1. What measures will it take to ensure that international law is restored in the airline industry, especially since a Member State is affected?

2. Will it compensate any Cypriot airline for the losses inflicted by the Turkish embargo?

3. How will it safeguard fair competition in the airline industry and the interests of a Member State?

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