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INVESTIMENTOSTreze municipalities in six Brazilian states received resources to promote and strengthen their cultural manifestations

By Cecília Melo

Gang dance in Forró Caju, in Sergipe, one of the festivals contemplated by the investimenos of Mtur for this year. Photo: Aracaju City Hall With the intention of consolidating the June holidays as a Brazilian tourist product, the Ministry of Tourism will invest R $ 4.2 million in the country’s festivities this year. Altogether, 14 agreements were signed with 13 municipalities in six Brazilian states. The festivals, besides marking the culture of Brazil, are strong inducers of job and income generation, mainly in the local communities. The largest festivals, such as Campina Grande (PB) and Caruaru (PE,), manage to move more than R $ 500 million in the region with more than 50 days of programming. In addition, more than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs should be created at this time. Tourism Minister Marcelo Álvaro Antônio points out that the investments destined by Pasta will support the municipalities in their small parties, in addition to the social and economic increase in these regions. “The strong involvement of local populations in the June festivals boosts regional tourism. These events attract visitors from all over Brazil and the world who want to know the cultural diversity that the country has to offer. It is a tourism product that has the face of Brazil and is in the process of structuring and consolidating, “said the minister. The resources were released through parliamentary amendments. In the State of Bahia, five festivities were supported in the amount of R $ 1.1 million. They are: Arraiá do Monte Alegre, in the municipality of Mairi; Arraiá do Banza: 29º São Pedro da Tradição, in Banzaê; 9th edition of Arraiá da Lapa, in the municipality of Amélia Rodrigues; São João Arraiá from ITA 2019, in Itaberaba; and the 31st Arraiá do Água Fria, in the municipality of Medeiros Neto. Still in the Northeast region, Sergipe had three June festivals supported by a total of R $ 1.4 million. Among them are Forró Caju, the Festa do Catete and the 11th Arrasta-Pé do 18 do Forte. In São Paulo, three demonstrations had MTur resources for this year in the order of R $ 633 thousand in the municipalities of Macedonia (29 th Festa Junina of Macedonia), Gavião Peixoto (9th Festa Junina de Gavião Peixoto) and Itararé (50th Festa de São Pedro). In Sítio Novo, in Tocantins, the XIX Festa Junina Arraiá in Our Site had R $ 469.2 thousand passed through. Other R $ 359.5 thousand were invested in the municipality of Marechal Floriano, in Espírito Santo and another R $ 200 thousand in the promotion of the 77 th St. John of Santa Luzia, in Paraíba. TOURIST FAIR – The National Calendar of Events of the Ministry of Tourism already it gathers 119 celebrations of June, registered by state and municipal departments of Tourism. The available information is organized collaboratively. The objective is to publicize the Brazilian tourist events and to add value to the image of the destinations, besides providing quality information about the Brazilian tourist offer that can be useful to the tourist when planning their trips. In addition to festivals in June, the instrument also informs about artistic, cultural, sports, folklore, gastronomic and religious events, among other segments. For this year, the Calendar already has 2,957 registered events.Edit: Victor Alves

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