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Saint Petersburg, June 25. – Deputy Director of Department for operational control and management in electric power industry, Elena Medvedev made a report during the plenary session “power engineering and digital technologies: priorities of the regulatory policy, sources and sites of investment,” the Russian international energy forum. The forum discussed the most topical issues of the industry development, renewable energy, automation, power engineering, safety of power facilities. This year special attention was paid to the modernization, the transition to a new technological level, digital transformation and energy complex.Elena Medvedeva spoke about the impact of global trends on the development and modernization of electric power industry and manufacturers of power equipment, focusing on emerging technologies, with which you can respond to these challenges.”In the future company value will be based on the management models and skills with digital technology to quickly integrate into the new technological chain. Special place in these processes is the technology of “digital double” through which it becomes possible to concentrate the main share of changes, and costs at the design stage. This allows you to reduce costs, and create high-tech products of new generation in the shortest possible time”, – said the Deputy Director of the Department.According to Elena medvedevoj, it is also important to note that new equipment and systems must be integrated with upcoming technologies. Then it will be possible to carry out effective modernization of energy facilities with the technological potential.In conclusion of his speech, the Deputy Director of the Department noted that the basis of any change is people, and without a change in the thinking, organisational approaches and management models of the effect of any of the modernization and digitalization will be minimal.

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