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Source: United Nations (Video News)

Informal comments to the media by Jonathan Cohen, Acting US Ambassador to the United Nations, on the situation in Iran.

After closed-door Security Council consultations today (24 Jun) United States Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, said “it’s clear to us, and it should be to the world that Iran was responsible for the May 12 and June 13 attacks against ships in the Persian Gulf.”

Cohen said, “such attacks pose a serious threat to the freedom of navigation and commerce in one of the world’s most important waterways.”

With regard to “Iran’s unprovoked attack” on a US surveillance aircraft present “to monitor the area given these recent threats to international shipping and commerce,” the US Ambassador said, “the coordinates of the drone’s flight path and location, which I shared with the Council, make clear that the aircraft at no point entered Iranian airspace.”

Iran’s claims to the contrary, he said, “are false and rely on an argument that the US aircraft was in Iran’s flight information region. But a country’s flight information region is not the same as their airspace.”