MIL-OSI Russia: 500 years ago: St. George’s knightly tournament starts at the Times and Epoch festival

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Visitors to the festival will be able to see how foot and horse knights fight, as well as group fights.

International Knight St. George’s Tournamentstarts on June 12 at the festival “Times and Epochs”. The competitions will be held at the Zingaro festival site at the Kolomenskoye Museum-Preserve.

12 warriors from Australia, England, Belarus, Canada, Russia and France will demonstrate their skills. Knights will return viewers 500 years ago, to medieval Europe, and determine the best in four disciplines.

One of the most spectacular types of contests is collisions. The participants of the tournament will at full gallop try to knock each other out of the saddle or break a spear on the opponent’s shield. The weight of each knight with a horse exceeds 600 kilograms. Protect soldiers during these loads will be strong metal armor weighing from 40 to 45 kilograms.

In the skill at arms discipline it is also necessary to demonstrate skills in possession of weapons in the saddle. The task of each rider is to follow the route in a certain sequence, performing exercises along the way: take off the rings with a spear, throw a dart at a target, show skills in chopping with a sword. All tasks are performed at a gallop.

Discipline “Mele” is a team competition. Two groups of knights, armed with Kelbens (special tournament clubs), are fighting for the banner of the enemy, while trying to save their own.

Fights and warriors will be completed. The knights were mostly equestrian fighters, but they were trained in such a way that, once they were on the ground, they could successfully resist the enemy. In foot battles, it is allowed to use not only weapons, but also fighting techniques without it. The basis of this competition was the “Book of Tournaments” by Rene of Anjou, written by him in 1460.

In addition to tournament competitions, guests of Kolomenskoye are in for a historic picnic in a 15th-century tent. There you can play old board and outdoor games and try appetizers prepared according to medieval recipes. And on the site every day there will be concerts and theatrical performances, as well as flag bearers. The skills of handling banners will be shown by reenactors from Italy.

On all days of the tournament, the site is open from 11:00 to 20:30.

The festival “Times and Epochs” takes place in the capital from 7 to 16 June. Reenactors recreate costumes, household items, homes and past events. 40 sites throughout Moscow are devoted to the history of Europe, Asia and America. But most of them – about half – are related to the history of Russia.

This year, two thousand reenactors from Russia and 14 foreign countries, including Italy, Great Britain, Turkey, and France, participated in the festival.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should not be perfect.

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