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11 interesting exhibitions worth visiting from 10 to 16 June.

The day of free visits to museums is now not only Sunday. Since April, more than 40 museums and exhibition halls subordinated to the capital Department of Culturework is freeevery third week of the month. Each institution has its own day.

On June 10, the program “Moscow Museum Week” starts for the third time. and Mosgortur agency selected 11 exhibitions that can be visited from Monday to Sunday.

Monday, June 10

“Comedies of this kind did not see the Lord!”

Place: Museum “Kutuzovskaya hut” (Kutuzov Avenue, Building 38)

The puppet theater of Petrushka, raki or amusing panorama in the XIX century was the most popular entertainment of ordinary people. The popular prints and comic scenes came to life thanks to the ingenious remarks of the rally shooters – practically the stand-adapters of the time. You can get acquainted with the balagan theater of the XIX century in the museum “Kutuzov hut”. Exhibition “Comedies of this kind did not see the Lord!”tells not only about the structure of the theater and its meaning in the life of a man of the XIX century, but also about the nature of humor in general.

Tuesday, June 11

“Sarah Kulmann Pleasure machine “

Location: Vadim Sidur Museum (Novogireevskaya Building, 37a)

Sarah Kulmann, a graduate of Stroganovka and the Moscow School named after Alexander Rodchenko, to create a project “Machine pleasure”Inspired by the story of the American science fiction writer Robert Sheckley “The Necessary Thing” – about a car that can produce anything from nothing.

The exposition consists of four elements – sculpture, wall graphics, 3D-print and an abstract metal object. As the artist herself says, “The Machine of Delight” is her personal view on global processes in the global economy, the development of technologies and the change in social relations. However, it does not sum up, does not make predictions. This work Kulmann leaves to visitors.

“Witold Krassowski. In all eyes “

Place: “Multimedia Art Museum” (Ostozhenka street, house 16)

Exhibition of works by the famous Polish photographer Witold Krassowski continues the XI Moscow International Biennale in MAMM. Crassowski traveled the world with a camera for over 30 years, interested in the lives of ordinary people. It was in Tanzania and Afghanistan, Great Britain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt and France. From each trip, he selected at least one snapshot to put together the life of a person at all stages – from birth to death.

Among the photographs are photo stories about the lives of refugees, portraits of pilgrims and images from traditional holidays. The exhibition includes 63 works by Krassowski, illustrating different periods of the photographer’s creative life.

Wednesday, June 12

“Flowers and Herbs”

Place: Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve (Dolskaya Street, 1)

Ceramics Exhibition “Flowers and Herbs” opened in the first building greenhouses. Objects from the museum fund and the works of modern masters of ceramics tell about nature in all its manifestations. The botanist acts as a unifying force at the exhibition – 35 ceramists are dedicated to it.

The cubic installation and ceramic trees are adjacent to tropical plants from the museum’s own collection. By the way, among the exhibits there is not a single object that could be useful in the household: all are exclusively objects of art.

“Tsaritsyno Catherine II”

Place: Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve (Dolskaya Street, 1)

On the idea and stages of construction of the palace estate complex tells a new constant ExhibitionOpen to the 290th anniversary of the birth of Catherine II. Drawings, historical documents, 3D-reconstruction and video installations help to trace the 20-year-old way of creating the Empress suburban entertainment residence.

The main thing at the exhibition is a video installation, where the first version of Tsaritsyn, built by Vasily Bazhenov and disassembled by order of the empress, was recreated using multimedia technologies. Appears before us and she herself – the role of Catherine II was performed by actress Julia Aug. Directed by video – Andrey Silvestrov.

Thursday, June 13

“Barbershop for Bulbul”

Location: State Darwin Museum (57 Vavilov Street)

Comic exhibitionin the Darwin Museum, it clearly shows that “whiskered” and “bearded” animals do not lag behind in terms of style the modern visitors of male barber shops – barbershop. Its main characters are representatives of the fauna, the names of which include the words “mustache,” “bearded,” and even “crested”.

For the first time in a long time, the exhibits include such exhibits from the museum funds as hummingbirds, bearded bulbul and kvezal.

“German engraving”

Location: The Museum of Ceramics and the Kuskovo Estate (Yunost Street, Building 2, Building 1)

Accessibility made the engraving one of the most sought-after forms of art almost immediately after its appearance in the 15th century. It spread throughout the cities of Europe in the form of book illustrations, amulets, icons and decorations for the interior. On the phenomenon of German prints can be found at the exhibition in the museum-estate “Kuskovo”, taking place in the framework of the project “Engraving Cabinet”.

The exhibition presents works by German masters of the XVIII – XIX centuries, works of different genres, made from different materials and in different techniques. Among the exhibits there are rare samples of painted and face engravings, as well as lithographs and dotted prints.

Friday, June 14

The exhibition “The Secret of the Izmailovo door”

Place: Exhibition Hall in Izmailovo (Bauman Town, Building 2, Building 4)

You can look at the 17th century manor that does not exist for a long time at the exhibition. “The Mystery of Izmailovo Door”. Here will open the secrets of an important component of the life of the royal house – receiving diplomats of various embassies in the royal residence in Izmailovo.

The key exhibits are ceremonial objects, portraits of Peter the First and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, graphic sheets depicting the ambassadorial gifts of the turn of the 17th – 18th centuries, ancient maps of the Russian state made by foreign cartographers.

The exhibition “Pushkin rushes into the distance”

Place: Museum of Russian lubok and naive art (Small Golovin Lane, Building 10, Building 1)

A naive artist Sergey Thelin (1910–1996) taught students and schoolchildren how to draw and draw, and in his spare time created paintings on your favorite Pushkin theme. More precisely, the theme of Pushkin’s stay in Torzhok and its surroundings. According to the works of Thelin, despite their semi-fairytale character, one can study a part of the poet’s biography connected with the Tver province.

Sunday, June 16

Exhibition “Leonov”

Location: Museum of Cosmonautics (Mira Avenue, Building 111)

AT Museum of Cosmonautics There is an exhibition dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the legend of Russian cosmonautics Alexei Leonov. The Leonov exhibition opens an astronaut from an unexpected angle. The first person to go into space, and twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, is also an artist.

Paintings, rare photographs, personal belongings, including full dress with a full set of awards, are only a part of what visitors see. Among the exhibits there are also surprises, for example, for the first time the exhibited characteristic-presentation on Alexey Leonov, written by Yuri Gagarin.

In the Museum of Cosmonautics opened an exhibition of paintings by Alexei Leonov

The exhibition “Military scenes in Fedoskino lacquer miniature”

Location: Moscow State Museum of Defense (Michurinsky Avenue, Building 3)

Three centuries ago, the inhabitants of the Moscow region village of Fedoskino founded a new folk craft – lacquer miniature painting. A papier-mâché product, painted with oil paints and gold leaf and varnished, retains its shape and color for more than a decade. The works of Fedoskino are caskets and caddies, purses and boxes, caskets and Easter eggs.

You can see the works of famous masters on national history at the exhibition. “Military plots in Fedoskino lacquer miniature”. The exhibition – miniatures created over the past 70 years.

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