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Source: City of Sydney What’s On

Piecing together parts of the landscape unknown or unseen, this collection marries the exploration of place, colour and space creating strikingly beautiful compositions with a distinctively Australian flavour.
Visual contradiction creates tension in a painting. Areas of congestion and peace. Unexpected colour. Strange details that can not be coded or un-ravelled, that is all the stuff of Greg Mallyon’s paintings. He attributes his interest in the aerial viewpoint both from his extensive involvement with indigenous print making and the evolution of his own practice.
Buddhist chant motifs dance on the surface of Mitsuo Shoji’s geometric ceramics. Using the painstaking process of the Mishima technique, these earthenware vessels are composed of layers of memories that cover the surface in rich cobalt blues, ruby reds, and golden yellows.
Painting with a vision of colour, Mellissa Read-Devine’s Australian landscapes and florals relinquish darkness in favour of light. With her distinctive eclectic palette and layered application of brush strokes, Read-Devine’s current collections evokes music from the landscape.
Igniting true Australiana in her paintings, Sue Michael paints domestic interiors and Australian backyards with a raw and realness. Her unapologetic depictions of your grandmothers living room, your uncles backyard and your walk home from the shops turns reality into dreams.
Housing a diverse array of furnishings, colour and memories, Joanna Gambotto’s paintings celebrate the transformative nature of perspective. There is an element of reality and an element of fantasy in her works.
All works by Greg Mallyon, Mitsuo Shoji, Mellissa Read-Devine, Sue Michael, Sally Stokes and Joanna Gambotto are for sale during the exhibition period. Rochfort Gallery offers layby payment options with a small deposit.
Mellissa Read-Devine’s artist talk on Sunday 16 June at 11am.
‘Land Rhythms’ will be open until the 23rd of June 2019. For more information please visit our website: