MIL-OSI Translation: Producer prices February 2019: +2.6% compared to February 2018

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Source: Destatis Federal Statistical Office Commercial Producer Prices, February 2019-0.1% month-on-month + 2.6% yoy View larger image WIESBADEN – Producer prices for industrial products were 2.6% higher in February 2019 than in February 2018. In January 2019 the annual rate of change had also been +2.6%. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), producer prices fell marginally by 0.1% compared with the previous month. The price trend for energy in February 2019 had the greatest impact on the development of producer prices overall. Energy products were 7.5% more expensive than a year earlier. Compared with the previous month of January 2019, these prices fell by 0.2%. Excluding energy, producer prices were 1.3% higher than in February of the previous year. Compared to January 2019, they rose by 0.1%.

Specific price developments for energy in February 2019 Change in% February 2019 compared to February 2018January 2019Electrical electricity11,4-0,5: for redistributors26,5-0,7for special contract customers8,3-1,2for households1,60,6Natural gas (distribution) 10,1- Of which: 13.3-0.7 for retailers12.6-1.0for power stations6.5-1.3Medical oil products3,51,4, including: Light fuel oil15,95,5Diesel fuel6,11,7Liquid gas as fuel or fuel 10, 41.2Investments and durable goods were 1.6% more expensive in February 2019 than in February 2018 (both +0.1% versus January 2019). Intermediate goods were 1.1% more expensive in February 2019 than in February 2018. Compared with January 2019, prices fell slightly by 0.1%. Cereal flour recorded a particularly high price increase compared to the same month of the previous year, with an increase of 11.9%. Newsprint cost 9.3% more, feed for livestock 8.4%. Lead, zinc, tin and semi-finished products (-14.0%), secondary raw materials (-7.6%) and electronic integrated circuits (-5.9%) were lower than a year earlier. Consumer goods were 0.8% more expensive in February 2019 than they were in February 2018. Compared to January 2019, these prices increased slightly by 0.1%. Food was 0.5% more expensive than in February 2018 (unchanged from January 2019). Processed potatoes cost 15.8% more than a year earlier, and baked goods 3.4% more. In particular, lower prices were for sugar (-18.2%), fruit and vegetable juices (-4.5%), milk (-4.1%) and coffee (-3.4%). Index of producer prices of industrial products (domestic sales) – Germany -Year / month2015 = 100% change fromyearmonmonormyear2018February102,31,8-0,1March102,41,80,1April102,81,90,4May103,32,50,5Juni103,72,90,4July103,92,90,2August104, 23,10,3September104,73,20,5Oktober105,03,30,3November105,13,30,1Dezember104,72,7-0,42019Januar105,12,60,4Februar105,02,6-0,1davon: Vorleistungsgüter105,51, 1-0,1Investments104,21,60,1Convenience105,01,60,1Consumables104,60,80,1Energy105,57,5-0,2Methodological notes: The index measures the development of prices for mining, manufacturing and manufacturing energy and water industries in Germany and sold domestically. It represents the price changes at an early stage of the economic process. The reporting date is in each case the 15th of the reference month. Current results are contained in Fachserie 17, Reihe 2 “Producer Price Index of Industrial Products”. Long time series can be found in the GENESIS-Online database using the table Producer prices for industrial products (61241-0006). Further information: Producer prices, Phone: +49 (0) 611/75 27 50, Contact form Further results and further information are available in the category Producer Price Index commercial products. Follow us on Twitter

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