MIL-OSI Europe: President at the NSDC on the investigation into abuses in the defense sector: We are not going to cover up anyone or anything

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Source: President of Ukraine

“People should know the truth. If there are reasons, a person must be fully responsible. If this is a PR technology … there should also be an appropriate response. You now have every opportunity to conduct an impartial, objective, transparent investigation that is surely credible. And that will definitely uphold the image of Ukraine in the world. We are not going to cover up anyone or anything,” Petro Poroshenko said in a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

“We are going to make decisive steps in the fight against corruption, theft and other breach of a law to bring to justice the guilty ones,” he added.

According to him, it is about the restoration of trust, it is about the protection of the army and the defense complex from any charges.

“One of the main achievements of Ukraine over the past few years is the strengthening of the authority and trust in the Ukrainian Army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the entire defense-industrial and defense-security complex. We achieved this goal at the expense of the great victims of our soldiers on the front, the great efforts of the volunteers and the entire Ukrainian people,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President said: “And therefore, as Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow either those who want to profiteer off our army and our defense capability, or those who are willing to sacrifice fundamental state interests for political goals to ruin the trust in the army”.

The President noted the work of the temporary investigative commission on the investigation into the facts of theft in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the facts of undermining the defense capability of the state, including in Ukroboronprom. “I welcome the decision of the Parliament, because it adds both confidence and transparency when we involve the Parliament in answering acute questions. The Commission should evaluate the blatant facts and the involvement of any resonant surnames. And, I emphasize, no surname will have an indulgence,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

“But we are just as intolerant of any abuses and violations that are happening now. Unfortunately, they cannot but happen in a system where hundreds of enterprises work in the framework of public-private partnership,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President also emphasized: “For those who want to profiteer off our defense capacity, my message is clear: everyone is equal before the law. Posts, ties and surnames will not save from responsibility. Neither will the long-standing acquaintance with the President, deputies, ministers, opposition leaders, anyone”.

He noted that the decisions ha had made in recent days proved that it was definitely not an empty phrase, but an effective principle. “After the release of a resonant journalistic program about possible abuses in the field of procurement in Ukroboronprom, which, by the way, was based on the leakage of information from law enforcement agencies, I signed a decree to dismiss Oleg Gladkovskyi from the post of the First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council. He was also dismissed from the leadership of two commissions. Neither the status, nor his ties will have any effect on the results of the investigation,” the President underlined.

He reminded that he had publicly appealed to NABU. According to him, proceedings have already been initiated. The President also thanked the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecution and the Prosecutor General’s Office that also joined the process.

He stressed that the law enforcement agencies should work more efficiently and in a timely manner identify those involved in plundering of state property or other violations of the law. “Investigative bodies must use all necessary procedures to expose the criminals, and after a thorough and prompt investigation, the case must be immediately submitted to the court. And the court makes a final decision,” the Head of State added.

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