MIL-OSI Russian Federation: Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with statements by US representatives on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation issues

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MIL OSI Translation. Region: Russian Federation –

We drew attention to the new surge of absolutely unfounded critical comments from the US regarding the implementation of Russian commitments in the field of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation (CVRN).

In an unsubstantiated, but underlined, peremptory manner, Washington ignores the civilized practice of interstate communication and the negotiated settlement of emerging issues. It is deeply regrettable that the deliberately mentoring manner of presenting and free-compiling your conjectures has become a tradition for the United States. Apparently, in this way Washington is trying to bring at least some basis for its claims to possessing the “exclusive right” to try and punish the “guilty”.

The Russian Federation consistently, consistently and unconditionally fulfills its obligations in the field of CVRN. Strongly reject the methods and means used by Washington. We regard such American “visits” as a purely propaganda trick that the US uses in an attempt to convince the world community that only their actions can be justified, since they are supposedly aimed at strengthening peace and security. We disagree with that.

Moreover, we have every reason to believe that the real reason for such American actions is a real and very serious weakening of the US position in the international arena and, as a result, Washington’s fear of being caught and exposed in the steps taken by the Americans themselves to dismantle the system of international legal agreements and the imposition on the world of a certain rules (“rules-based order”), which they formulated for their own short-term foreign policy needs.

The following facts and actions taken by Washington are of particular concern to us:

– withdrawal from the ABM Treaty;

– scrapping the efforts to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention and the Pentagon’s biological laboratories around the world;

– a delay of more than 10 years to eliminate their arsenal of chemical weapons (under the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the United States initiatively took the obligation to complete this process by April 2007) and an attempt to turn the technical OPCW into an instrument of political pressure on undesirable Washington;

– refusal to ratify the adapted CFE Treaty and thereby undermine the arms control system in Europe;

– termination of the process of ratification of the CTBT and the maintenance of its nuclear test site in readiness for the accelerated resumption of full-scale nuclear tests;

– Continuing the development of nuclear weapons skills together with their non-nuclear NATO allies (“nuclear sharing missions”) and thereby violating the foundations of the NPT (Articles 1 and 2)

– withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan with Iran (IFAP) and, as a result, a flagrant violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231 initiated by Washington itself;

– focus on the withdrawal of weapons into space and the transformation of near-Earth space into an arena of armed confrontation with all the disastrous consequences for human civilization.

All this, unfortunately, is not some kind of speculation in the notorious “highly likely” style, but the sad reality of that very contradictory world in which we live.

The Russian Federation will continue to resolutely oppose the destructive steps in the field of the KVRN by consolidating the international community around a constructive agenda to strengthen the existing international legal system. All initiatives promoted by us are based on existing international law and are aimed at ensuring equal and indivisible security for all states.

Open to close coordination and full-scale cooperation with like-minded states in the interests of strengthening strategic stability and international security.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should not be perfect.

MIL OSI Russian Federation

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