MIL-OSI Europe: The revenge of pro-Russian forces in the elections can block our path to Europe – President

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Source: President of Ukraine

President Petro Poroshenko calls not to allow revenge of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine in order not to give them a chance to turn Ukraine’s movement to the European Union and NATO in the opposite direction. The President told this during the participation in the solemn meeting on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Prosvita Society during the working visit to Lviv region.

“Due to the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine has made a decisive step towards its future. High-level officials of the EU, leaders of partner countries and allies have repeatedly stressed that within four years Ukraine had come closer to the European Union than in the previous twenty-three. At the NATO summit in Brussels this year, all the heads of state and government of the Alliance, who took the floor, firmly called for the prospect of membership for Ukraine and Georgia. They confirmed the decision taken in Bucharest in 2008 that the Alliance’s door for Ukraine is open,” the President said.

He reminded the words of Mykola Khvylovy: “Away from Moscow! – Europe Now”. The President added: “Away from Moscow!” is a visa-free regime, which is a Rubicon, the final “goodbye” to the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. The words I said on the day of introduction of a visa-free regime in my speech at the European Square have already become a meme: “Farewell, unwashed Russia!”.

According to him, the words “Away from Moscow!” are well illustrated by the Association Agreement with the European Union, which was signed by the President of Ukraine in the first month of his tenure by a pen brought from Vilnius by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė. “The Agreement, which was to be signed in November 2013 (in Vilnius – ed.). And the failure to sign it brought millions of Ukrainians on the streets during the Revolution of Dignity,” the President said.

“Away from Moscow!” is the Tomos. “Away from Moscow!” is a strong Ukrainian army. “Away from Moscow!” is a rejection of Russian gas that allowed us to win $ 4.5 billion of Russian Gazprom. For some reason, the previous government was afraid to make these steps,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

“Away from Moscow!” is a Ukrainian-language cultural product. “Away from Moscow!” is a return to our own history,” the President emphasized.

“Away from Moscow!” is my proposal submitted to the Parliament to consolidate the course to the EU and NATO in the Constitution of Ukraine as an inevitable process. Because we understand that only membership in the European Union and NATO irrevocably and finally guarantees our independence from Russia”.

At the same time, the President emphasized: “Unfortunately, this is clearly understood by our enemies. Therefore, they are planning revenge in the presidential and parliamentary elections to block our move to Europe. And if it they are lucky enough – to turn Ukraine back”.

Petro Poroshenko expressed confidence that “even a short stop on our way to the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance would automatically mean our return to the sphere of Russia’s influence”.

“To prevent such a scenario is a sacred duty of all Ukrainian patriots. I emphasize that I will do my best for this. But in this struggle, I count on your support, each of you. Because this is not only the case of the President, this is a common, Ukrainian issue. And common, Ukrainian responsibility,” the President stressed.

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