MIL-OSI Translation: ETFs: bargain hunters on the go

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MIL OSI Translation. Region: Germany / Germany –

MIL OSI – Source: Frankfurt Stock Exchange –

Headline: ETFs: Bargain hunters on the go

February 13, 2018. FRANKFURT (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Against the background of stronger stock market volatility, ETF traders had their hands full. “Both private and institutional investors were very active in the past week,” reports Frank Mohr. The huge number of transactions with 75,000 shows how liquid the ETF market is. “Investors can sell or buy at any time without major shifts.” In phases like these, it’s especially valuable. Across all asset classes, Commerzbank’s inflows and outflows were roughly in balance.

Rick van Leeuwen assesses the development in a similar way. “It’s nice to see how ETFs are increasingly being adopted in Europe,” says the IMC Financial Markets trader, once again emphasizing the easy tradability of the product type. Depending on the market situation, the ETF volume was sometimes two to three times higher than in average times. In the meantime, many things are back in their normal course. However, volatility remains a source of investor alertness.

This is certainly required in the opinion of Helaba. The analysts of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen advise not to attach too much importance to the rebound on Wall Street on Friday and the price gains in Europe at the start of the week. In Germany, the DAX is in an intact bearish trend across all time windows. In addition, political events such as the SPD membership decision on the grand coalition on Sunday and the upcoming elections on 4 March in Italy could cause trouble in the markets.

The width counts “Thursday and Friday felt like grandfather days,” says Florian Lenhart from UniCredit. Despite inflows towards the end of the week, investors parted slightly with MSCI USA (WKN 622391) and S & P 500 (WKNs A1JX53, A0YEDG). At the same time Nasdaq trackers have been almost completely shut down. LenhartÂ

On the other hand, Mohr leads US stocks, most of all the S & P 500 tracker, with almost 60 percent on the buy side. “Especially in the past two trading days, the popularity dominated,” agrees van Leeuwen.

Trust is there

With regard to the developed Europe, Lenhart is interested in purchasing Euro Stoxx 50 ETFs (WKNs DBX1ET, 593395, ETF001) from various providers. At the same time investors mostly covered themselves with DAX values ​​(WKNs ETFL01, ETFL06, A0X899). However, index funds on the broader Stoxx Europe 600 (WKNs 263530, DBX1A7), which includes the 600 largest stock companies in 18 European countries, would mostly repay. “There’s a lot going on here.”

The customers of Commerzbank seem divided on the further journey of German blue chips. “DAX stocks rank second in our sales statistics and were equally traded in both directions.”

Nitesh Shah speaks of the highest inflows into European equity index funds since 2016. Investors seem to judge the current downtrend to be temporary, as the analyst at ETF Securities concludes. Look into the second and third Series Smaller and mid-sized companies in Europe and Japan also moved forward in investor favor. For example, Van Leeuwen observes inflows into Euro Stoxx Small Index (WKN A0DPMZ) and MSCI Japan Small Caps Index (WKN A0Q1YX) products. “In times like this, this is rather unusual.” Also Japanese default values ​​are mostly customers. Investors trusted more often than not on trackers of MSCI Japan (WKN A0DK60). Van Leeuwen Treasuries attract with rising yields

Lenhart describes the sales with pension values ​​as considerable. Investors favored European government bonds with short (WKN A0X8SK) and medium (WKN A0X8SL) maturities. “Both are dominated by the inflows.” One-to-three-year and (WKN A0J202) and seven to ten-year US government bonds (WKN A0LGP4) are also frequently used. “There were almost only purchases here.” As in the previous week, traders of the Barclays Capital Euro Treasury Bond Index (WKN A0RL83) and iBoxx EUR Sovereigns Eurozone Total Return Index (WKN DBX0AC) were among the most popular and popular with UniCredit in total purchased Iris Merker13. February 2018, © Deutsche Börse AG

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Please forgive us the grammar and / or sentence structure not be perfect.

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