BREAKING: Billings Gazette Endorses Gianforte

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Source: US National Republican Congressional Committee

Headline: BREAKING: Billings Gazette Endorses Gianforte

This morning, the Billings Gazette released its endorsement of Greg Gianforte in the Montana House special election.

But what’s even more interesting is the savage broadside the paper leveled at Gianforte’s opponent Rob Quist in doing so.

We’d like to comment more on Quist’s political stances but from our editorial board interview, it seems like all Quist wants to talk about is how bad Gianforte is. We don’t have a clue where Quist stands on most issues, and his criticism of Gianforte seems to be either confused or completely without merit — for example, claiming that Gianforte had “Russian ties” when really the Republican merely has stock in a mutual fund. What’s even worse is that Quist seems unable to tell the truth about his own finances and may even be ducking property taxes that most of us would have to pay.

Lyin’ Rob Quist strikes again!

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