FACT CHECK: Don Bacon on his Party’s Repeal & Ripoff Bill

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Source: US Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Headline: FACT CHECK: Don Bacon on his Party’s Repeal & Ripoff Bill

At his town hall this afternoon, Representative Don Bacon is virtually certain to mislead his constituents, the public, and the press about the Republican repeal & ripoff bill, which allows health insurance companies to slap an age tax on older Nebraskans, strip away protections for people living with preexisting conditions, and toss 24 million Americans nationwide off their health insurance coverage.

And in case you forgot, here’s what Don Bacon has promised before.

“I am committed to making sure those with pre-existing conditions will retain coverage.”

– Rep. Don Bacon

So before he starts spinning, let’s set the record straight:

  • “The MacArthur Amendment to the House Republicans’ Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill would eliminate key ACA protections for people with pre-existing health conditions by allowing states to waive both the ACA’s standards for what health benefits insurance plans must offer and its prohibition on charging people more based on their medical history.” [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/28/2017]
  • “Overall, the latest proposal seems to weaken existing protections for people with pre-existing conditions, not strengthen them.” [Politifact, 5/1/2017]
  • “It’s true that, even in states with waivers, insurers would have to offer coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. But they could meet that requirement by offering plans with unaffordable premiums of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month, or plans that exclude coverage for hospitalizations, prescription drugs, mental health, or other services that people with pre-existing conditions need. For consumers, an offer like that is no different than a coverage denial.” [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/28/2017]
  • By allowing insurers to cover less, the change could bring down premium prices, but also leave people without access to services that hundreds of thousands have received under the Affordable Care Act, including treatment for opioid addiction. [New York Times, 5/2/17]
  • Older Americans also are more likely to have preexisting conditions, and they face an increase in premiums because the replacement law does away with the Obamacare rule that premiums for older Americans can be no more three times higher than premiums for younger individuals; the proposed law would make the ratio 5:1.” [Washington Post, 3/23/17]
  • “The Upton Amendment to the health care bill, American Health Care Act (AHCA), is not sufficient to protect people with preexisting health conditions. According to one estimate, it would take $178 billion per year to adequately fund state high-risk pools, where people with preexisting health conditions would go to access health insurance coverage.” [AARP Release, 5/3/17]
  • The Proposal Was “Quickly Dismissed As Inadequate By Many Healthcare Experts.” “The proposal addresses a consistent criticism that these plans were historically underfunded and could never meet the demand for coverage from sick people who could not get commercial insurance on their own. But it was quickly dismissed as inadequate by many healthcare experts and advocates for patients. ‘This is like building a bridge less than one-quarter of the way across a river,’ former Families USA director and longtime patient advocate Ron Pollack noted in a tweet. ‘Anyone driving a car to the other side will still drown!’” [Los Angeles Times, 5/12/17]


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