Technical and Further Education Bill returns to the Lords

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Source: British Parliament News

Headline: Technical and Further Education Bill returns to the Lords

21 April 2017

The Technical and Further Education Bill returns to the House of Lords on Tuesday 25 April for consideration of Commons amendments in ‘ping pong’.

Members of the Lords are expected to discuss Commons amendments on financial support for students taking apprenticeships.
Lords third reading: Tuesday 4 April  
No changes were suggested by members of the Lords at third reading. There was a short discussion reflecting on the bill’s journey through the Lords.
Lords report stage: Monday 27 March
Members discussed financial support for students undertaking apprenticeships, establishing an apprenticeship helpline and further education providers setting up contingency funds.  
Members discussed apprentices and child benefit, Ofsted inspections and careers advice and copyright of assessment material. There were three divisions (votes) on proposed changes (amendments) to the bill.
Members discussed a change to count apprentices as young people for the purposes of child benefit. This went to a vote, with 244 members in favour and 190 against, which meant the change was made.
The second vote was on a change to take careers advice into account during Ofsted inspections and ratings. In the vote, 223 members were for the change while 185 were against. This change was also made.
Members then discussed a change to remove a requirement for examination awarding bodies whose qualifications are approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfS) to transfer the copyright for their assessment materials to the IfS. In the vote, 164 members were for the change and 166 were against. This meant the change was not made and the requirement was kept.
Lords committee stage day three: Wednesday 1 March
The committee stage of this bill took place in Grand Committee, a room outside the Lords chamber. In Grand Committee, any member can take part and decisions on amendments can be made, but no votes take place.
Lords committee stage day two: Monday 27 February
Lords committee stage day one: Wednesday 22 February
Lords second reading: Wednesday 1 February
Technical and Further Education Bill summary
This bill aims to:
extend the remit of the Institute for Apprenticeships to include regulation of the quality of classroom-based technical education in England, creating the new Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (Ifate)
introduce an insolvency regime for further education institutions, intended to improve the ‘financial reliance’ of the sector
allow the Secretary of State to continue to be provided with information by further education institutions. Further information
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